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Pepper Spray

People want self defense weapons they can count on.  People want self defense weapons they can afford.  People want self defense weapons they can easily carry with them that aren’t too bulky.  Fact is, people want pepper spray.

Let’s take a quick look at the most common non lethal self defense weapons:

Stun Guns:  there are many makes and models out there and some, quite honestly, are junk.  So, people are concerned about being ableDefuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin at DefenderPepperguns.com to get a stun gun they can count on.  And, depending on the size and shape, they’re not always easy to have on hand when you need them.  Although, this is certainly NOT always the case.

TASER Guns:  Starting price on them is $300.  So much for the “self defense weapons they can afford”, huh?  I mean, many people DO buy taser guns, but their price point puts them out of reach for much of the population.  And, its not always practical to go into a restaurant with a TASER M26C strapped to your waist.

Pepper Spray:   Self defense weapon people can count on?  Check.  Pepper Spray has been shown to be effective against almost every person, dog, bear, etc.  Self defense weapon they can afford?  Check.  Pepper Spray generally starts at about $10 and goes up to $40-50 for the largest cannisters;  Pepper Guns can be had for about $40 up to $300.  Self Defense Weapons they can easily carry?  Check.  With the myriad designs of pepper spray dispensers available, you can most surely find a design that is easy and practical to carry.

So, as stated, “people want pepper spray”.

– by E Harris

Buy Wildfire Pepper Spray Online

Wildfire Pepper Spray is well known to be one of the hottest pepper spray formulas available anywhere.  When someone gets sprayed withBuy Wildfire Pepper Spray Online this stuff, all they can do for about 45 minutes is cry, hack, cough, have trouble breathing and generally, lose their ability to concentrate. The stuff is nasty!

Its available in small to large sizes and its available in your traditional sprays, but also foggers and gels.  I find the gel to be the best product and here’s why:  when someone gets sprayed, their initial reaction is to wipe.  But, when you do this with pepper gel, all that is  accomplished is a smearing and spreading of the heat and pain.  Its miserable to have this stuff on you!

Check out Wildfire pepper sprays online today and buy whichever product you feel best suits your needs!

– By E Harris


Police Pepper Spray

Police Pepper Spray with Trad GripFor those who want a “little bit” more protection in a can of pepper spray, a Police Sized Pepper Spray is available to buy.  This is typically the same formula as the smaller canisters, but is simply larger.  Generally, this will be a 16oz or a 1 pound Jumbo size Pepper Spray.  And, depending on the manufacturer, it may be a available with a choice of hand grips or dispensing spray heads.

For instance, one of the brands we carry at SmartStun has the optionPolice Pepper Spray with Pistol Grip of a “fire extenguisher” type grip or a Pistol Grip.  There is no difference in the way the stream is actually dispensed.  There is only a difference in how the user holds and sprays the pepper spray.  Many people feel that the pistol grip is easier to spray onto the attacker.

Whichever model you go with, know that pepper spray has become one of the most popular choices for protecting homes.  And, the 1 pound Jumbo Size is sure to provide quite a bit of protection for you and your loved ones.