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We’ve been waiting and here it is!  The TASER X2 Defender has just been confirmed as ready for ordering and orders will be shipping out middle part of  this coming week, approximately, June 12.

TASER X2 DefenderThe TASER X2 Defender is replacing the short-lived X3 Home Defender.  While people loved the features of the X3, many people thought it was just too fat to carry and use comfortably.  The X2 has everything the X3 had, but allows only 2 cartridges (rather than 3) and is much easier to carry and use.

For more information and to order your Taser Gun today, visit:  DefenderPepperGuns.com

Get Your TASER Gun at Defender Pepper Guns

That’s right, we’ve added the complete line up of TASER Guns to our inventory, as we believe in them just as much as we believe in High Quality Pepper Guns.

That’s right.  You can now purchase a TASER C2, M26C or X26C and all their accessories at Defender Pepper Guns.  And, TASER is to be launching the X2C, the 2 shot TASER Gun sometime in June, as well as their very first flashlight stun gun.  And, just as soon as they’re released, we’ll have them available and ready to ship.

You know the brand, TASER.  You trust it.  And, now, Defender has them for you.


Spread the Word about Pepper Guns

I’m asking for help, here.  When most people think of self defense weapons, they don’t necessarily think of a pepper gun.  The reason is simple:  not very many people know these weapons exist.  And, I have to say that its a shame.

You see, after all my years selling self defense products, I have to say that I have never come across a weapon that is more appropriate for so many people.  They are very easy to use.  Pepper Guns are easily stored and carried.  And, they are legal in more states and places than, say a stun gun or TASER gun.  So, more people can actually use them to protect themselves.

Mace Pepper GunAnd, these units are affordable.  The entry level models of pepper guns, rival that of a good quality stun gun.  And, the mid level model, say the pepper gun by MACE, is equal to that of an upper end stun gun.  And, finally the top of the line Pepper Pistol is still less than, say, a  TASER Gun.

And, as for effectiveness, its my opinion that these weapons can be used in more situations and work against more drug or adrenaline crazed maniacs than stun guns and TASER guns.  So, please do me, and more importantly, your friends and loved ones a favor by sharing this article with them.  Either via Facebook or email, please help get the word out about Pepper Guns.

– By E Harris