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Which of the Self Defense Weapons Should You Get?

Self Defense WeaponsOkay, so you’re reading all the headlines and seeing where our country is heading.  Crime has always been around, but I think we have to admit, either its getting much, much worse -or- the internet is allowing us to know about more of it.  Regardless, whether you’re out and about a lot or you sit in your home all day and night, you’ve decided you need some form of protection.  But, which of the self defense weapons should you get?

Well, that’s a pretty involved question, of course, but I thought I’d take a bit this morning and write a little about some of the more popular weapons so that you could at least know your options and consider them.

First up, stun guns.  Let’s first clarify that a stun gun is NOT a TASER gun.  A TASER gun is a brand of weapon that shoots projectiles outward giving you distance.  A stun gun, however, is a type of weapon you keep in your hand and when you’re ready to use it, you press a button while pressing the weapon against your target/attacker.  And, there are many brands and models of stun guns.  Unfortunately, these weapons have gotten a bad rap as many cheap brands come out of China and simply aren’t worth the $10 they sell for.  NOTE:  if someone is selling a weapon for $10, ask yourself, are you going to bet your life on a $10 toy?  Quality stun guns are available, but generally will run $50 to $100.  Anything less, and you have to ask yourself what you’re buying.  Personally, the Barracuda BC37 is my favorite stun gun.

Second up, TASER guns.  As I stated earlier, a TASER gun is the type of weapon that shoots electrodes outward a distance, generally 15 feet, giving you a distance between you and your attacker.  And, while TASER is a brand of projectile shooting stun guns, PHAZZER also makes two models of projectile shooting units:  The Phazzer Dragon and the Phazzer Enforcer.  All TASER and PHAZZER Stun Guns should be considered as very good quality models.

Third up, Pepper Guns.  Different from pepper spray, which is also a good deterrent, pepper guns, generally shoot the pepper formula a  much farther distance and/or at a much higher velocity.  For instance the JPX Jet Protector from Piexon shoots at speeds of about 400 mph and just over 20 feet.  The velocity is so great that wind is generally not an issue.  These things are amazing!  Also, if considering a pepper gun, the Kimber Pepper Blaster II is a nice weapon to have in your purse or on your belt.  And, the MACE Pepper Gun Pistol is a very nice model, as well.  The MACE Gun will shoot approximately 25 feet, which is quite a distance when you really think about it.

So, of course, there are many other self defense weapons you could consider.  I mean, rocks and sticks could be discussed as far as that goes.  But, for now, these are the 3 most common forms of self defense weapons being used by people, as well as law enforcement agencies worldwide.

– By E Harris



Spread the Word about Pepper Guns

I’m asking for help, here.  When most people think of self defense weapons, they don’t necessarily think of a pepper gun.  The reason is simple:  not very many people know these weapons exist.  And, I have to say that its a shame.

You see, after all my years selling self defense products, I have to say that I have never come across a weapon that is more appropriate for so many people.  They are very easy to use.  Pepper Guns are easily stored and carried.  And, they are legal in more states and places than, say a stun gun or TASER gun.  So, more people can actually use them to protect themselves.

Mace Pepper GunAnd, these units are affordable.  The entry level models of pepper guns, rival that of a good quality stun gun.  And, the mid level model, say the pepper gun by MACE, is equal to that of an upper end stun gun.  And, finally the top of the line Pepper Pistol is still less than, say, a  TASER Gun.

And, as for effectiveness, its my opinion that these weapons can be used in more situations and work against more drug or adrenaline crazed maniacs than stun guns and TASER guns.  So, please do me, and more importantly, your friends and loved ones a favor by sharing this article with them.  Either via Facebook or email, please help get the word out about Pepper Guns.

– By E Harris


Self Defense Weapons

Utopia?  Hardly!  And, until we live in a utopian society, there will always be someone who wants to take our stuff or harm us in some way.  Its sad, but true.  Someone will want to grab your wife’s purse while she’s walking across the parking lot.  Someone will want to grab your daughter and have their way with her.  Someone will want to break into your home and steal what you have.

Of course, I don’t advocate living a lifestyle which causes you to hole up somewhere andself defense weapons scrutinize anyone and everyone who comes near you.  But, I do suggest that we all take time to prepare for the possibility of being attacked or burglarized.

Some people want actual firearms and some people don’t.  Whatever your choice, you need to have whatever self defense weapons you feel most comfortable with on hand and ready to use.  Whether its even just a baseball bat or tire iron stashed nearby.  You need to have something and you need to know where it is at all times.

Personally, I’m a fan of high powered pepper guns.  They’re easy to use, highly effective and oftentimes, they deter an actual crime merely by showing a would be attacker what you’ve got in your hand.  Some folks like a TASER Gun and others like a Smith and Wesson.  Whatever your choice, make it, know where it is and go about your life.  Be ready, but not fearful.  Life is to be enjoyed.