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Which is the Best Stun Gun?

Tough question, really.  As it really depends on the situation someone is wanting to protect against.

Zap stun batonFor instance, if someone is wanting aggressive dog or animal protection, a stun baton is probably the best choice.  And, both the ZAP Stun Baton and either of the Omega Stun Batons are excellent, quality choices..  If someone wants some level of distance between themselves and an attacker, a TASER Gun or Phazzer Dragon or Enforcer is probably the best choice.  But, if someone is merely looking for a handheld stun gun, then quite honestly, either the ZAP Double Trouble or the Barracuda BC37 would probably be the best choice.

The ZAP Double Trouble stun gun is great because of the distance between the zap double troubleelectrical probes.  What I mean is this:  the probes are several inches apart and the electrical current of the stun gun, or the “stun”, travels from one probe to the other THROUGH the target’s body.  Since the distance is fairly great, relative to other stun guns, the electricity spends more time in their body, thus affecting them more.  Pretty simple concept, right?

best stun gunThe Barracuda BC37 Stun Gun, though, is technically the best stun gun on the market.  I say this because of several reasons.  First, the power source:  Ni-MH battery.  This means its a nickel metal hydride battery and these, by far, are the longest living, most reliable and most powerful rechargeable batteries available.  And, this is what powers the BC37.  Second, the stun gun marries both high voltage (3.7 million volts) with the highest amperage of any stun gun on the market (4.5 milliamps).  For reference, most good quality stun guns deliver approx 3 milliamps.  This makes the Barracuda a full 50% more powerful than most other good stun guns.  And, this is EXTREMELY important.  Why?  Because amperage is what penetrates into the muscles and causes them to spasm and fatigue.  Amperage is what causes mental confusion.  Amperage is what causes severe bodily discomfort.  More amperage simply means more pain!

So, again, the answer to which stun gun is the best truly depends on how it is to be used.  But, we’ve covered a few really great choices here today.

– by E Harris

Pepper Gun Misused by Officer?

Okay, all the good things we say about pepper guns can quickly be turned into negativesJpx Jet Protector Pepper Gun just as soon as someone misuses one.  And, that’s exactly the case earlier this year when an officer in Texas fired a JPX Jet Protector only 10 inches from a suspect’s face, as reported by their local newspaper.

A JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun is designed to shoot safely at distances just over 20 feet. And, what happened in the case above, as reported, was that the officer shot the unit mere inches from her face.  She is now permanently blinded.  However, its not the heat of the pepper that has blinded her.  Its the force which it was shot with that caused the damage.

Pepper Guns, as any weapon out there, are designed for proper use.  Whether someone is using a handgun, a stun gun or a tire iron, there are certain ways they should be used for self defense and certain ways they should not.  For instance, if carrying a handgun, the user shoots at an attacker who then runs into a crowded mall, the user should not continue firing into the crowd.  I know this seems like a silly statement, but the point I’m making is that owning and using any weapon requires that the user SHOULD abide by some sense of responsible use.  Pepper Guns are no different.


Self Defense Weapons

Utopia?  Hardly!  And, until we live in a utopian society, there will always be someone who wants to take our stuff or harm us in some way.  Its sad, but true.  Someone will want to grab your wife’s purse while she’s walking across the parking lot.  Someone will want to grab your daughter and have their way with her.  Someone will want to break into your home and steal what you have.

Of course, I don’t advocate living a lifestyle which causes you to hole up somewhere andself defense weapons scrutinize anyone and everyone who comes near you.  But, I do suggest that we all take time to prepare for the possibility of being attacked or burglarized.

Some people want actual firearms and some people don’t.  Whatever your choice, you need to have whatever self defense weapons you feel most comfortable with on hand and ready to use.  Whether its even just a baseball bat or tire iron stashed nearby.  You need to have something and you need to know where it is at all times.

Personally, I’m a fan of high powered pepper guns.  They’re easy to use, highly effective and oftentimes, they deter an actual crime merely by showing a would be attacker what you’ve got in your hand.  Some folks like a TASER Gun and others like a Smith and Wesson.  Whatever your choice, make it, know where it is and go about your life.  Be ready, but not fearful.  Life is to be enjoyed.