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Pepper Gun Sales

After the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday, our website went bizerk with sales of pepper guns.  It seems that, unfortunately, not only are the residents of Boston freaked out, but people all across the country are very uneasy.  It makes sense, but its kind of a shame that human nature is such that we often don’t prepare for things until its too late.

Not that there’s really any way to protect yourself against some idiot or idiots bombing an area where you live.  That’s just insane.  But, my point, is that AFTER the bombing, people think about protecting themselves.  Now, we all know how screwed up this world is.  And, if we believe we need protection against harmful idiots, the time to prepare is before something bad happens.  I’m glad the  people on our website are now preparing for something in the future, but to arm up with a Pepper Gun immediately after the bombing seems reactionary rather than pro-active.

I don’t know.  I guess I should just let people be as they may.  But, it just seems crazy to me.

– By E Harris


Pepper Spray for School Safety

One thing that we’re being asked more frequently now is “What is a good form of defense and safety for my school?” by school administrators.  Some have bought TASER Guns and some have inquired about and bought stun guns.  But, more often than not, pepper guns are the weapon of choice.

You see, a good quality pepper gun can do a few things.  First, it doesn’t have to break the bank and a couple of brands and models like theMace Pepper Gun for school MACE Pepper Gun can be purchased without school board approval because they are so affordable.  Second, by simply showing them to an unruly student, oftentimes, the student will back away and reconsider what they’re doing.  And, third, if needed, the pepper spray will actually do what is needed.  Pepper spray is proven to be highly effective in hand to hand confrontations.  Most police officers throughout the world carry some form of pepper spray.  That alone should give a good example of how effective they are known to be.

I do have to caution here, though, for the most menacing looking pepper spray for self defense, buying a small canister may not be the best choice.  Rather having a MACE Pepper Gun or JPX Jet Protector in your hands is enough to stop an attack without even having to fire it.  And, isn’t that really the best situation?

– By E Harris


Carrying a Kimber Pepper Blaster

Once you’ve chosen a self defense weapon, one of the main things you need to decide is how you will keep it handy so you have it exactly when you need it.  All too often, I hear of stories where people are attacked and “couldn’t get their weapon quickly enough” or worse, didn’t know where there weapon was”.  What’s the use in having a weapon, if you’re not going to have it ready when you need it?

Kimber Pepper Blaster Carry PouchSo, today, I wanted to point out two items useful in carrying a Kimber Pepper Blaster.  The first is a general purpose carry pouch.  Its high grade Cordura material, so it’ll last nicely for years.  And, it has a belt clip which you can obviously clip on your belt, but you can also clip it onto your car’s visor, a purse strap or any other convenient place where you may want and need your Pepper Gun.

The second item is the Kimber Pepper Blaster Wrist Holder.  This unit is very convenient for joggers,Kimber Pepper Blaster Wrist Holder walkers, hikers, bikers and generally anyone on the go.  It fastens comfortably around your wrist or upper arm by way of velcro strap.  Its very comfortable and lightweight and makes for keeping your pepper gun in a very handy location.

So, when you’re shopping for your self defense weapon, please consider where and how you’ll carry it so its accessible.  And, don’t scrimp on a few pennies to save by not purchasing an accessory like these.  Most people think, “oh, I’ll come back and buy one later”.  But, they never do.  And, they’re the ones who end up making comments like we opened this blog with and regrettably, are attacked by someone while their weapon stands nearby…..but not “nearby enough!”


Pepper Gun Misused by Officer?

Okay, all the good things we say about pepper guns can quickly be turned into negativesJpx Jet Protector Pepper Gun just as soon as someone misuses one.  And, that’s exactly the case earlier this year when an officer in Texas fired a JPX Jet Protector only 10 inches from a suspect’s face, as reported by their local newspaper.

A JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun is designed to shoot safely at distances just over 20 feet. And, what happened in the case above, as reported, was that the officer shot the unit mere inches from her face.  She is now permanently blinded.  However, its not the heat of the pepper that has blinded her.  Its the force which it was shot with that caused the damage.

Pepper Guns, as any weapon out there, are designed for proper use.  Whether someone is using a handgun, a stun gun or a tire iron, there are certain ways they should be used for self defense and certain ways they should not.  For instance, if carrying a handgun, the user shoots at an attacker who then runs into a crowded mall, the user should not continue firing into the crowd.  I know this seems like a silly statement, but the point I’m making is that owning and using any weapon requires that the user SHOULD abide by some sense of responsible use.  Pepper Guns are no different.