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Kimber JPX Jet Protector

I just wanted to clarify something this morning, as we get many inquiries for the Kimber JPX Jet Protector.

The JPX Jet Protector from Piexon was brought to the United States a little while back by Kimber.  Piexon is a Switzerland-based company and Kimber had an agreement with them to market and sell the JPX here in the States.  And, the JPX was marketed and sold in the US as the “Kimber JPX Jet Protector”, although it was not made by Kimber.  For whatever reason, that agreement ended and now there is a different distributor selling the JPX Jet Protector wholesale to dealers.

So, while it was previously marketed as a Kimber product, it was not made by Kimber.  The JPX was always made by Piexon, as it is now.

– By E Harris

Shooting the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun

Okay, we know theJPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun is literally the best pepper gun available; so much so that European Law Enforcement Agencies have been carrying them for years.  We know they’re effective and reliable.  But, we still get one recurring question, “What if the subject is wearing glasses and I cannot shoot into their eyes?”

At the root of this question is not a misunderstanding of the pepper gun, but rather a misunderstanding of pepper spray in general, that is used by all pepper guns, including the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun.  You see, why it would be nice to be able to shoot the pepper spray directly into the eyes or straight up the nostrils to the mucous membranes, its not necessary.  Keep in mind that pepper spray is nasty, nasty stuff.  Its bloody hot.  Put it directly onto your skin and I assure you, within seconds you’ll wish you hadn’t.  But, more importantly, its somewhat gaseous and noxious.

And, its because of this, that pepper spray is so effective.  Put a bunch of the stuff on your chest and the vapors WILL go into your nostrils and into your eyes.  And, its this fact that makes pepper spray so effective.  Now, granted, there are various formula and concentrations of pepper spray available.  But, I assure you they are all very effective, some just more so and quicker than others.  And, the formula that is used by the JPX Jet Protector is some of the hottest.  Get it anywhere near your subject and they’ll get it into their nostrils and eyes.  They WILL FEEL IT.

– By E Harris


Kimber Vs Piexon JPX Jet Protector

 Kimber JPX Jet ProtectorI have to be honest, here, as I’m not 100% sure, but the following is what I’ve surmised from all my research.  Currently, if you look for the JPX Jet Protector, you’ll find that its from Piexon.  But, in the past, the same model was called the Kimber JPX Jet Protector.  So, here’s what I think….

Previously, Kimber imported the Jet Protector and put their brand name on it.  Then, Piexon decided they wanted to penetrate the US Market directly, as they’re a Swiss company.  So, when their agreement with Kimber was finished, Piexon began marketing the unit in the US as the Piexon JPX Jet Protector.  And, so, now, US Personal Defense Products, LLC is a distributor for the unit in the United States.  So, if you’re looking for or finding info on the Kimber model and are confused by finding info on the Piexon model, just know that they are the same unit.

Now, what I do know for sure, is that they’re amazing self defense weapons!