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Pepper Spray

People want self defense weapons they can count on.  People want self defense weapons they can afford.  People want self defense weapons they can easily carry with them that aren’t too bulky.  Fact is, people want pepper spray.

Let’s take a quick look at the most common non lethal self defense weapons:

Stun Guns:  there are many makes and models out there and some, quite honestly, are junk.  So, people are concerned about being ableDefuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin at DefenderPepperguns.com to get a stun gun they can count on.  And, depending on the size and shape, they’re not always easy to have on hand when you need them.  Although, this is certainly NOT always the case.

TASER Guns:  Starting price on them is $300.  So much for the “self defense weapons they can afford”, huh?  I mean, many people DO buy taser guns, but their price point puts them out of reach for much of the population.  And, its not always practical to go into a restaurant with a TASER M26C strapped to your waist.

Pepper Spray:   Self defense weapon people can count on?  Check.  Pepper Spray has been shown to be effective against almost every person, dog, bear, etc.  Self defense weapon they can afford?  Check.  Pepper Spray generally starts at about $10 and goes up to $40-50 for the largest cannisters;  Pepper Guns can be had for about $40 up to $300.  Self Defense Weapons they can easily carry?  Check.  With the myriad designs of pepper spray dispensers available, you can most surely find a design that is easy and practical to carry.

So, as stated, “people want pepper spray”.

– by E Harris

MACE Pepper Spray

mace pepper sprayMACE Security International has been around for years providing protection and security for our loved ones and for us.  The various forms of pepper spray and defense spray is quite versatile.  So, regardless the type of MACE Pepper Spray you need, you’re sure to find it available.

For instance, most people know of the small canisters of MACE Pepper Spray which can be key rings.  But, there’s more….so much more.  There’s the Jogger, which is designed to fit nicely into the palm of an exerciser’s hand.  There’s the Fogger, which sprays a thick cloud of pepper around an assailant.  There’s even the Defender which is a can of pepper spray you can purchase that has a light on it.  As soon as you flip the top to ready your hand to spray, the light comes on.  That’s petty cool.

There are foams and gels, which are really nasty.  Not only do they cover the eyes quickly so whomever you’re shooting at can’t see, the goo is thick and when wipes just spreads the heat and pain.  Most of the MACE brand formula also offers a UV Dye, which marks your subject so they can be readily identified later.  And, of course, for our friends in Michigan, they even have Michigan Approved Pepper Spray Formula.  This is why they are so trusted.  They look out for everyone.


Defuser Pepper Spray

A unique item is the DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable pin.  It is the first of its kind, but I’m sure there will be many knock offs of it in the future.  Why?  Because it truly is a very good self defense weapon or product.  Here’s a video that gives some more info.  Note the following items mentioned about this pepper spray:

  • The Disable Pin
  • The Amount of Spray contained
  • How the Keys are Attached



So, as you can see, the DeFuser Pepper Spray IS TRULY a unique product that certainly deserves consideration.

Carrying a Kimber Pepper Blaster

Once you’ve chosen a self defense weapon, one of the main things you need to decide is how you will keep it handy so you have it exactly when you need it.  All too often, I hear of stories where people are attacked and “couldn’t get their weapon quickly enough” or worse, didn’t know where there weapon was”.  What’s the use in having a weapon, if you’re not going to have it ready when you need it?

Kimber Pepper Blaster Carry PouchSo, today, I wanted to point out two items useful in carrying a Kimber Pepper Blaster.  The first is a general purpose carry pouch.  Its high grade Cordura material, so it’ll last nicely for years.  And, it has a belt clip which you can obviously clip on your belt, but you can also clip it onto your car’s visor, a purse strap or any other convenient place where you may want and need your Pepper Gun.

The second item is the Kimber Pepper Blaster Wrist Holder.  This unit is very convenient for joggers,Kimber Pepper Blaster Wrist Holder walkers, hikers, bikers and generally anyone on the go.  It fastens comfortably around your wrist or upper arm by way of velcro strap.  Its very comfortable and lightweight and makes for keeping your pepper gun in a very handy location.

So, when you’re shopping for your self defense weapon, please consider where and how you’ll carry it so its accessible.  And, don’t scrimp on a few pennies to save by not purchasing an accessory like these.  Most people think, “oh, I’ll come back and buy one later”.  But, they never do.  And, they’re the ones who end up making comments like we opened this blog with and regrettably, are attacked by someone while their weapon stands nearby…..but not “nearby enough!”


Pepper Gun Website

So, we have had SmartStun.com up and going for several years.  Its focus has always Pepper Gun been a wide array of high quality self defense weapons.  But, as I move further and further into the field, I find that I’m really getting into the Pepper Gun market.  I like them a lot as I truly believe in their effectiveness as a weapon which is effective and sensible for most people.

In response to this realization, we have decided to launch a new website.  We haven’t decide on a name and a domain yet, but I don’t think we’re far away from it.  The new website will focus solely on The Best Pepper Guns and Pepper Spray, including animal repellent.  I definitely know we will carry the JPX Jet Protector, the Kimber Pepper Blaster and the MACE Pepper Gun.  But, I’m also trying to find out if there are any other guns that are worth carrying.  So far, I’ve not found any that are still in production.

If you know of any, either good or bad (so we know what to stay away from), please let us know.  We truly want to build our new website into something the same caliber of SmartStun.com.


6 Year Old Sprayed with Mace

maced with pepper sprayI don’t know if you saw the headlines this morning, but one of them was of a piece of trash in New York State who went into a laundromat, started pounding on some guy (I’m sure there was some reason, but still), then pulled out some MACE and began spraying not only the guy he was pounding but also who appeared to be his little girl.

Turns out the little girl was a 6 year old and yeah, he sprayed the crap out of her with MACE.  While I don’t advocate any type of brutality, in this case, I certainly believe “an eye for an eye” is appropriate.  And, who knows, maybe it was MACE or some other brand of pepper spray, but regardless, it was a horrible thing.

Fortunately, it was all caught on the laundromat surveillance cameras and the video was circulated widely.  Apparently, the guy felt the heat and turned himself in within a few hours.  But, in watching the video, his actions were so apparent and aggravated, I would suggest no leniency.