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JPX Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun

In case you missed it, the best self defense weapon is back in stock in the United States and orders are shipping quickly.  That’s right, the best pepper gun, the JPX Jet Protector is back in stock.  And, the unit with the laser is available in Black or Orange or Green, your choice.

The JPX Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun is not a cheap toy nor is it just a little thing of pepper spray.  This weapon is so powerful, it hasDefenderPepperGuns.com been in use by European Law Enforcement personnel for years and is now gaining traction in the United States Law Enforcement communities.  In fact, the largest orders received are by the dozens for various police departments throughout the US.  What makes this pepper gun different is that it discharges the pepper formula, not by pressure, but by a pyrotechnic charge, similar to that of firing a bullet.  So, rather than dispensing a stream or spray of pepper, it “SHOOTS” the pepper spray at up to 400 mph and at a distance of over 20 feet.  This thing is amazing!

Find out for yourself by watching the demo videos at DefenderPepperGuns.com

– by E Harris


Pepper Spray

People want self defense weapons they can count on.  People want self defense weapons they can afford.  People want self defense weapons they can easily carry with them that aren’t too bulky.  Fact is, people want pepper spray.

Let’s take a quick look at the most common non lethal self defense weapons:

Stun Guns:  there are many makes and models out there and some, quite honestly, are junk.  So, people are concerned about being ableDefuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin at DefenderPepperguns.com to get a stun gun they can count on.  And, depending on the size and shape, they’re not always easy to have on hand when you need them.  Although, this is certainly NOT always the case.

TASER Guns:  Starting price on them is $300.  So much for the “self defense weapons they can afford”, huh?  I mean, many people DO buy taser guns, but their price point puts them out of reach for much of the population.  And, its not always practical to go into a restaurant with a TASER M26C strapped to your waist.

Pepper Spray:   Self defense weapon people can count on?  Check.  Pepper Spray has been shown to be effective against almost every person, dog, bear, etc.  Self defense weapon they can afford?  Check.  Pepper Spray generally starts at about $10 and goes up to $40-50 for the largest cannisters;  Pepper Guns can be had for about $40 up to $300.  Self Defense Weapons they can easily carry?  Check.  With the myriad designs of pepper spray dispensers available, you can most surely find a design that is easy and practical to carry.

So, as stated, “people want pepper spray”.

– by E Harris

New Update on the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun

A couple of weeks back, we let everyone know that the JPX Jet Protector WITH LASER would not be available in Orange Color in the U.S. Market.  The supplies of these units were being bought up by the law enforcement community and supplies were getting tight.

Now, again, due to heavy buying of the JPX Jet Protector WITHOUT LASER, the orange color is no longer available.  Both of these unitsJPX Jet Protector Orange are available in the U.S. in black.

What does this mean?  It means two things:

1.  That people are coming to realize quickly the value of these ultra high power pepper guns;

2.  People all across the U.S. are arming themselves with self defense weapons.  While many are still buying hand guns and such, many have turned to non lethal weapons as they don’t want to take the chance of spending a lot of money on a weapon that may be confiscated if our government bans guns.

We’ll keep you updated as we know more.

– By E Harris

A Pepper Spray Gun

I’m sure you know all about the pepper spray dispensers that have been around for years.  You know, the ones that typically clip on to a key chain or maybe even the larger ones, but are essentially the same thing.  But, do you know about a Pepper Gun, or what some people call a Pepper Spray Gun?

A Pepper Spray Gun is a self defense weapon that is in the form of a hand gun.  There are various brands and features.  The least expensive and more “entry level” gun on the market is the Kimber Pepper Blaster 2.  And, while its the entry level model, it still puts the typical pepper spray can to shame.  Again, its shaped like a hand gun and has 2 loads.  But, rather than spraying by being under pressure, it fires after squeezing the trigger, due to a pyrotechnic charge.  This blast shoots out the pepper formula at up to 100 miles an hour.  This high velocity reduces the effect of a cross wind, allowing for a better chance of hitting your target.

The MACE pepper gun is the mid level model on the market.  What’s really nice about it is that this pepper spray gun has the ability to accept replaceable cartridges.  So, after you use it, you can simply reload more.  Also what makes this model so unique is that it can shoot up to 25 feet, allowing for a very safe distance between you and an attacker.

Finally, the JPX Jet Protector from Piexon, is the BAD BOY Pepper Spray Gun on the market.  This model also shoots from a pepper spray gunpyrotechnic charge, but its firing mechanism causes the pepper spray to be fired at just over 400 mph!  And, with a range of about 20 feet, you can stand way back and fire this weapon, hitting your target before they have a chance to respond.  These guns are amazing and are being bought by Police Forces world wide.  The only word we know to describe these guns is “AMAZING!”.


– By E Harris

What is a Pepper gun?

W’e’re not talking here about the type of pepper gun that grinds black pepper for your food.  No, we’re talking about one of the best self defense weapons available today.  People of all walks of life are carrying pepper guns for their protection because they’re easy to carry, easy to shoot, rather affordable when compared with other weapons and, highly effective.

MACE Pepper GunA pepper gun is a type of self defense weapon that takes the form of a handgun.  There are a few different brands and models available, with the most popular being from Kimber, MACE and Piexon, a Switzerland based company.  All of these weapons look similar to or almost exactly like a handgun, which makes them easy to hold and easy for the user to fire.

The Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 is the most affordable.  It is a gun that is loaded with 2 firings and can shoot up to 13 feet and up to 100 mph!  Different than a can of pepper spray, which shoots from being under pressure, this gun shoots with a pyrotechnic charge causing the blast.  This is why it is able to shoot at such a high velocity.  These are generally found for sale around $40-50 and are available in 2 colors (red or grey) and have several holsters or carrying pouches available.  They are not reloadable as once they’re used they’re designed to be replaced with another unit.

The MACE Pepper Gun Pistol is the next most affordable model.  It also looks like a pistol or a revolver.  While this  model doesn’t shoot at quite the velocity of the Kimber, it shoots much farther at just over 25 feet.  That’s a very large distance of protection for the user.  This gun uses pressurized canisters for its pepper formula which allows for replacement cartridges.  So, while the gun itself generally sells for $70-80, the replacement canisters can be purchased for $25-30.  This model also offers a few holster choices and is available in a few different colors.

Finally, the JPX Jet Protector from Piexon is the top of the line model pepper gun.  These guns look almost exactly like a handgun of sorts.  They can be bought with a laser built in or without.  These guns also work with a pyrotechnic charge which allows their velocity to increase substantially over the Kimber pepper gun.  These models shoot at distances just over 20 feet and at speeds at just over 400 mph!  Their accuracy is very tight and these units have been carried by law enforcement personnel in Europe for years.  Only recently have these become available for purchase to civilians in the United States.  With prices starting at $250, their are a host of options and accessories available, such as replacement cartridges and even bundles or kits with various accessory packs.

Regardless of which model of Pepper Gun you choose, you’ll soon find out why so many people are placing their trust in these highly effective and affordable weapons that are easy to use.

-By E Harris

Self Defense Weapons: A Pepper Spray Gun

One weapon that sales are really taking off for is the Pepper Spray Gun,  or Pepper Gun.  Once you check them out, I think you’ll see why they are really gaining in popularity.

MACE Pepper Spray GunThe pepper spray gun is really nice because it is able to shoot a distance.  Different from a direct contact stun gun that requires the user to actually be close enough to an attacker that they can touch them, the pepper gun shoots at distances from 10 feet to 25 feet, depending on the brand and model.

The Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 is the least expensive, but no less effective.  Firing at speeds of over 100mph, this little gun can really provide an effective means of self defense.

The MACE pepper gun, brought to you by a name you know and trust, shoots at distances up to 25 feet.  This gun is also very affordable at around $80.  It also allows for replaceable cartridges so you can refill your pepper gun very affordably.

And, the top of the line JPX Jet Protector from Piexon is nothing short of amazing.  A little more expensive, starting at around $250, this gun is so strong that European Law Enforcement has been carrying them for close to a decade and is pretty much standard issue over there.  US Law Enforcement agencies are catching on, as sales to this group has been skyrocketing just over the past few months.  These pepper guns shoot pepper spray at a distance of over 20 feet and at speed of just over 400 mph!  And, they’re amazingly accurate.

Check these wonderful self defense weapons out today.  Better than a direct contact stun gun because they provide a distance of protection.  And, much less expensive than a Taser Gun and they don’t require any background check.

-By E Harris