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Pepper Spray is Highly Effective

Okay, so we need a self defense weapon that works.  Works on everyone.  Stun guns work on some people.  Taser guns work on some people.  But, Pepper Spray works on everyone!  So, now we just need to identify which defense spray we’ll carry and be able to access when we need it so we can provide the protection we need.

When looking into pepper sprays, determine which formula you feel the most comfortable with.  There are sprays, fogs,  gels and foams.  Once you’ve determined this, determine which type of dispenser you’ll not only feel the most comfortable with, but more importantly, that you’ll actually CARRY with you where ever you go.  All too often, people buy weapons for protection, but leave them at home or in their car and don’t have them when they really need them.

Pepper Guns, Pepper Spray Canisters of all sizes, some with disable pins, Cans of Pepper Spray.  There are many types.   Do the research, buy it, keep it with you and know you’re protected.  You will find all types of these weapons on sale now at DefenderPepperGuns.com.

– by E Harris


Buy Wildfire Pepper Spray Online

Wildfire Pepper Spray is well known to be one of the hottest pepper spray formulas available anywhere.  When someone gets sprayed withBuy Wildfire Pepper Spray Online this stuff, all they can do for about 45 minutes is cry, hack, cough, have trouble breathing and generally, lose their ability to concentrate. The stuff is nasty!

Its available in small to large sizes and its available in your traditional sprays, but also foggers and gels.  I find the gel to be the best product and here’s why:  when someone gets sprayed, their initial reaction is to wipe.  But, when you do this with pepper gel, all that is  accomplished is a smearing and spreading of the heat and pain.  Its miserable to have this stuff on you!

Check out Wildfire pepper sprays online today and buy whichever product you feel best suits your needs!

– By E Harris


Pepper Spray, Fogger or Gel

Of course, the final call is all yours, but here’s a little info on Pepper Spray -vs- Pepper Fogger -vs- Pepper Gel.

Pepper Spray, Gel or FoggerPepper Spray is the one most of us are familiar with.  It actually shoots out as a stream and is pretty easy to aim.  Light wind and at close range, say 5 feet or so, its very easy to hit your target.

Pepper Fogger is a little different.  The fog shoots a cloud of pepper “gas”.  Wind definitely affects it.  However, its advantage is that it almost instantly goes into the attacker’s lungs and makes it a total bear to breathe.  Wanna take someone out quick?  Make’em stop breathing!

Pepper Gel, is my personal favorite, only because its really nasty.  Pretty much the same distance in it’s shooting.  Its less affected by wind.  But, its generally a little more expensive than the others.  What makes it so nasty, you ask?  Well, the natural tendency one has when shot with pepper formula of any kind is to wipe it.  And, when you wipe Pepper Gel, you smear it…..making it much worse!  You just smear the heat.

They all affect the breathing, the eyes, the skin etc.  And, they’re all close to the same cost.  So, again, ultimately the decision is all yours.  But, for the money, I’d go with the pepper gel.


Pepper Spray – Pepper Gel

Most people know about Pepper Spray, but not everyone knows about a really cool, fairly new product that I like a lot.  It’s Pepper Gel.

Now, similar to pepper spray, Pepper Gel is used to spray onto attackers causing them Pepper Gelsevere burning, inability to breathe and general overall discomfort.  But, what’s better about gel is that the tendency for someone who’s been sprayed with either gel or spray is to wipe it.  When someone does this to the gel, all they do is smear it making it much worse.  I know that probably sounds masochistic of me, but I figure if someone was in a position to get hit with defense spray, then, they probably deserve to really be in pain.

In my opinion, this stuff makes the overall experience of being sprayed the worst experience it can be.