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Michigan Approved Pepper Spray

Michigan Approved Pepper SprayMany people are under the misunderstanding that pepper spray is not legal in Michigan.  However, this is not true.  Michigan DOES have restrictions on what types of pepper spray can be sold and used there, but there are plenty to choose from.  Basically, the Michigan law states that the formula cannot be over a certain percentage, which is 10% of the overall formula.

And, on our site, DefenderPepperGuns.com, we carry not only the Pepper Shot formula which is a Michigan Approved Pepper Spray formula of 10%, we also carry the MACE brand of Michigan Approved Sprays.  They’re available in various sizes and dispenser types and you should be able to find something that you feel comfortable with buying online.  Your pepper spray purchase should be quick and easy as the products which are safe and legal in Michigan are labeled as such.

Of course, we carry all types of pepper spray that are legal in other areas of the country, along with various types of pepper guns which are quickly replacing the pepper spray purchases, because of how effective they are.


MACE Pepper Spray

mace pepper sprayMACE Security International has been around for years providing protection and security for our loved ones and for us.  The various forms of pepper spray and defense spray is quite versatile.  So, regardless the type of MACE Pepper Spray you need, you’re sure to find it available.

For instance, most people know of the small canisters of MACE Pepper Spray which can be key rings.  But, there’s more….so much more.  There’s the Jogger, which is designed to fit nicely into the palm of an exerciser’s hand.  There’s the Fogger, which sprays a thick cloud of pepper around an assailant.  There’s even the Defender which is a can of pepper spray you can purchase that has a light on it.  As soon as you flip the top to ready your hand to spray, the light comes on.  That’s petty cool.

There are foams and gels, which are really nasty.  Not only do they cover the eyes quickly so whomever you’re shooting at can’t see, the goo is thick and when wipes just spreads the heat and pain.  Most of the MACE brand formula also offers a UV Dye, which marks your subject so they can be readily identified later.  And, of course, for our friends in Michigan, they even have Michigan Approved Pepper Spray Formula.  This is why they are so trusted.  They look out for everyone.