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MACE Pepper Spray

There are several different brands of good quality pepper spray, but I don’t think any are as recognized as MACE Pepper Spray.  MACE has been around about as long as anyone in the Defense Spray field.  And, they make a host of products for civilians, as well as Police.

These days, though, pepper spray is so prevalent that you can even get the same Police Pepper Spray in the 1 pound size that law enforcement personnel carry.  There’s bear MACE.  There’s the the MACE Pepper Gun.  There are so many different sizes and styles of dispensers available from the ones that go onto you key chain to a multi pack for protecting your home and car.

And, MACE has gotten into other areas such as personal alarms, like the Screecher, and Home Security systems.  MACE has truly done a fantastic job of helping all Americans provide safety and security to loved ones, both while home and while away.

MACE Pepper Spray on Bullies

Teenager Suspended after using MACE Pepper Spray on Bullies

MACE Pepper SprayOkay, here’s the article you may have seen, or may not.  I bet the School Administration is gonna be in VERY hot water after this one.  I know the final findings aren’t in yet, but if the parent really did do that much pre-emptive work to keep the daughter safe, the School is gonna catch hell!  And, they should……read on…..

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A father fed up with bullies sent his daughter to school prepared to protect herself, but now she’s suspended and police have gotten involved. The situation came to a head Thursday morning, when Kalamazoo Central freshman Tekarra Coleman says girls who have been bullying her jumped her at school. Her father, Terrence Coleman, says he’s called campus security almost non-stop, saying that he’s placed over 150 calls, and talked with administrators repeatedly.

Terrence says that the bullying began at the beginning of the school year, and that his daughter has seen her GPA, which was 3.9 coming out of middle school, plummet. He told Newschannel 3 that he was considering removing her from Kalamazoo schools, before he remembered why he wanted her there in the first place. “Why should we lose the Promise because they can’t do their job?” he asked.

Then, Terrence made a choice, and decided to buy mace for her. Thursday morning, Tekarra says she was attacked again. “I was walking to my class, and they attacked me,” she said. So, she maced the girls.

Terrence got a call from the school shortly thereafter. The district considers mace a weapon. The school district is doing its own internal investigation to try and get to the bottom of what happened, but it’s also been referred to Kalamazoo Township Police.

As the investigation is ongoing, the district says it can’t comment further on the incident. We will follow up when the investigation is complete.

Read More at: http://wwmt.com/news/features/featured/stories/teenager-suspended-after-using-mace-bullies-135.shtml

6 Year Old Sprayed with Mace

maced with pepper sprayI don’t know if you saw the headlines this morning, but one of them was of a piece of trash in New York State who went into a laundromat, started pounding on some guy (I’m sure there was some reason, but still), then pulled out some MACE and began spraying not only the guy he was pounding but also who appeared to be his little girl.

Turns out the little girl was a 6 year old and yeah, he sprayed the crap out of her with MACE.  While I don’t advocate any type of brutality, in this case, I certainly believe “an eye for an eye” is appropriate.  And, who knows, maybe it was MACE or some other brand of pepper spray, but regardless, it was a horrible thing.

Fortunately, it was all caught on the laundromat surveillance cameras and the video was circulated widely.  Apparently, the guy felt the heat and turned himself in within a few hours.  But, in watching the video, his actions were so apparent and aggravated, I would suggest no leniency.