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MACE Pepper Gun with Strobe

Here’s a new one from MACE.  I don’t know if this is just a test item at this point and whether they’ll keep it or not, but its the MACE Peppermace pepper gun with strobe Gun with Strobe.  The original model simply had an LED light which activated upon a slight pulling of the trigger.  But, the new version can be set to either Light On or Strobe.  And, when depressing the trigger slightly, the LED comes on.  Depressing the trigger further shoots the MACE Pepper Spray out of the Pistol.

Personally, I don’t know if this is going to make it.  I know the advantages of a strobe and all, but the price point on the MACE Pepper Gun is already where I think it should be.  So, to add a few bucks  more for a strobe, to me, just seems a little much.  But, we’ve added it to our website:  DefenderPepperGuns.com and we’ll see how well it sells.  I’ve been wrong many times before and this may just be one of those times.  If you have an opinion about the this particular pepper gun, or any pepper spray guns, please feel free to leave a comment for us.


Defender Pepper Guns

I know we mentioned this the other day, but I got so many inquiries, I felt the need to write a bit more about our new site that is devoted to carrying only pepper guns and pepper sprays.

That’s right, DefenderPepperGuns.com is our newest website and it carries self defense weapons like the JPX Jet Protector fromDefender pepper Guns Piexon, as well as others.  But, the JPX Pepper Gun is the best of the best.  It is our premier model.  Why?  Because it is by far the easiest and most effective unit we carry.  This model has all the accessories and options available that you’d want from any weapon.  It has lasers, holsters, various pepper spray cartridges, replaceable cartridges, even a training cartridge so the user can get proficient with its use.  Most most amazingly, the JPX fires at speeds up to 270 mph.  Think about that….how fast have you ever gone in a car?  Well, this is at least twice as fast as that!  Wind doesn’t generally affect it as it is so powerful.

But, yes, at the new website, DefenderPepperGuns.com, you’ll also find models from MACE and Kimber.  The MACE pepper Pistol and the Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 are both highly effective, especially considering their price.  The Kimber model can be picked up for just under $50 and the MACE Gun can be had for around $75.  They both have their unique features and benefits, but suffice it to say they both off protection against would be attackers.  If a police officer is not next to you, you’ll feel safe knowing you have one of these best pepper guns with you.