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Researching a Pepper Gun

Oftentimes, when researching for a self defense weapon, it helps to use the internet.  And, when researching for a pepper gun, I find it no different.

Mace Pepper GunUsing the internet to find which Pepper Gun is best for you is probably the most sensible approach.  You can quickly and easily find several websites that offer various brands and models of these weapons.  Then, by opening several windows, you can easily compare their features side by side.  You can see how far they shoot.  You can see whether they are reusable or disposable.  You can see if they offer lasers.  And, you can see what other accessories they offer to make your ability to carry them as simple as possible.

This last point is crucial.  All too often, people buy these weapons or other forms of self defense weaponry but they don’t give thought to how they’ll carry them or get to them when they are attacked.  And, all too often, they are victims while there weapon sits inside their purse on their arm – or- in their glovebox in their car.

Taking a few minutes to really give thought to and researching what features are important will give you the best chance of survival out there.

– By E Harris

Pepper Guns and More

Pepper GunsWith all the talk lately about banning firearms for citizens of the United States, we’ve seen quite an uptick in orders for non lethal self defense weapons.  People are still wanting to protect themselves but not invest in something that they feel they may have taken away from them.  I’m not here to talk about the political BS about whether this should happen or not, as that’s a point for another blog.  But, for now, I thought it appropriate to make sure people know their options.

For many, buying a firearm now is the prudent thing to do.  They want to buy it and stash it away in case they need it later, but can’t buy it due to restrictions.  For others, buying pepper guns, taser guns or stun guns is the prudent thing to do because they want protection and they want to carry it now, as well as later.  They don’t want to have to hide something they’ve spent a few hundred bucks for only to find out they’ve been banned.

Of the newest products hitting the market, I have to say Pepper Guns make a lot of sense to me.  Highly effective at both deterring a crime, due to their appearance, and highly effective at stopping a crime that has begun, these self defense weapons are sure to continue dominating the consumer market as things across the country continue to worsen.  I mean, look at some of the bigger cities and what’s going on.  I have to admit, I’ve not been to Detroit, but according to what I see in the media, I wouldn’t go without some form of weapon.