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MACE Pepper Gun with Strobe or Without

The MACE Pepper Gun has been around for a while and many people have come to rely on it heavily for their self defense and for that of their loved ones.  And, its now available with or without a strobe.

Many prefer pepper spray to other self defense weapons, like stun guns and such, because it allows for a distance between you and an attacker.  Stun guns require, like knives do, that you physically are within arm’s reach of your attacker.   But pepper spray shoots out.  And, the MACE Pepper Gun actually shoots to just over 20 feet, and that’s quite a nice distance.

Here’s a video commercial on one being used:


So, of course, this is a dramatization, but its pretty easy to see why so many people put their trust in a brand they know and in a product like this one.  Smartstun.com has all Mace products for sale at the best prices, and availability.

– by Nate


Why Pepper Guns Work

Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 GreyWe’re all familiar with pepper spray.  Some are small canisters on key chains and some are larger and some are so large that police carry them, they’re 1 pound jumbo size.  And, there are different brands of them:  WildFire, MACE, Sabre, to name a few.

So, then, what’s so great about a Pepper Gun?

Pepper Guns combine the effectiveness of high quality pepper spray into a delivery mechanism that allows for better aim, can shoot either farther or at higher velocities, or both, and might even be visually menacing enough to stop an attack before it even begins.  And, its this last situation that is really beneficial.  Think about it, you come face to face with someone who wants your wallet and tells you to empty your pockets.  In so doing, you pull out a a pepper gun and point it at them.  They put their hands up and say they “don’t want any trouble” and back away.  This is truly what a pepper gun can do.

In addition to this, they can certainly back up what they are intended to do.  All three models of these self defense weapons, the Kimber Pepper Blaster, the MACE Pepper Gun Pistol and the Piexon JPX Jet Protector all have incredibly hot pepper spray formula as their “bullet”.  So, upon firing your weapon at someone, you will be shooting them with a pepper formula that is designed to cause intense pain, difficulty in breathing, coughing, hacking, crying and overall mental confusion for up to 45 minutes.  You’ll have plenty of time to get away.

And, contrary to that of a stun gun or knife, a pepper gun allows for a safer distance between you and an attacker.  The Kimber Pepper Blaster, for instance, shoots up to 13 feet and at speeds of 100 mph.  And, the MACE Pepper Gun can shoot 25 feet.  The JPX Jet Protector from Piexon can shoot over 20 feet and at speeds of over 400 mph!  With these abilities to shoot, these weapons allow for safe distances AND very little to NO reaction time by whomever you’re spraying.

This is why Pepper Guns are proven to work and are now spreading like wildfire as the choice of self defense weapons in the United States and around the world.

-By E Harris

Pepper Guns are the Self Defense Weapon for the Masses

They want to take our guns.  You want a weapon that gives you some distance between you and an attacker, unlike what a stun gun provides.  The small little pepper spray canisters just aren’t very intimidating.  What are you to do?

Find out why we believe Pepper Guns are the self defense weapons of choice going forward.  There are a few brands and models available now.  All shoot a respectable distance of well over 10 feet and one model goes to 25 feet!  One even shoots at speeds of over 400 mph!  These weapons are just that, weapons for your protection.

Pepper Guns are quickly becoming the weapon of choice among the population.  A permit or license is not required anywhere in thejpx jet protector US.  Only a couple of states restrict them.  They can be carried concealed or exposed.  They are highly effective and prices generally start around just $40 for the Kimber Pepper Blaster.  The MACE pepper Gun shoots a distance of 25 feet.  And, the JPX Jet Protector is so powerful that now, in addition to the European law enforcement agencies that have been carrying these for over a decade, US law enforcement are beginning to carry them as well.  And, because of this serious uptick in demand, the supply of these awesome weapons is beginning to get scarce.

Check out the various pepper guns available and we think you’ll agree with us that these weapons are the wave of the future!

– By E Harris


Defender Pepper Guns

I know we mentioned this the other day, but I got so many inquiries, I felt the need to write a bit more about our new site that is devoted to carrying only pepper guns and pepper sprays.

That’s right, DefenderPepperGuns.com is our newest website and it carries self defense weapons like the JPX Jet Protector fromDefender pepper Guns Piexon, as well as others.  But, the JPX Pepper Gun is the best of the best.  It is our premier model.  Why?  Because it is by far the easiest and most effective unit we carry.  This model has all the accessories and options available that you’d want from any weapon.  It has lasers, holsters, various pepper spray cartridges, replaceable cartridges, even a training cartridge so the user can get proficient with its use.  Most most amazingly, the JPX fires at speeds up to 270 mph.  Think about that….how fast have you ever gone in a car?  Well, this is at least twice as fast as that!  Wind doesn’t generally affect it as it is so powerful.

But, yes, at the new website, DefenderPepperGuns.com, you’ll also find models from MACE and Kimber.  The MACE pepper Pistol and the Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 are both highly effective, especially considering their price.  The Kimber model can be picked up for just under $50 and the MACE Gun can be had for around $75.  They both have their unique features and benefits, but suffice it to say they both off protection against would be attackers.  If a police officer is not next to you, you’ll feel safe knowing you have one of these best pepper guns with you.


MACE Pepper Gun Video


The MACE Pepper Gun Pistol is made by a name you know and trust:  MACE.  Their self defense products have been around for decades helping to protect you and your loved ones in stressful times.  And, as only great companies with great products can do, they’ve stayed around and expanded over the years.  No longer do they just make a few small pepper spray canisters for sale.  But, rather, they have a complete line of MACE Spray for people and animals, as well as an entire Security Products Division.

The MACE Pepper Gun is one of the best pepper guns because of the distance it can fire.  With the ability of shooting UP TO 25 FEET, you can stay a safe distance from any possible “bad guy” and hit them with the MACE Spray.  These guns can shoot up to 7 – one second blasts that distance.  Or, more likely, if you’re in a stressful situation, you’re going to want to unload the entire cartridge, which will give you the ability to shoot the stream and cover the subject.

And, what’s really nice is that the MACE cartridges are replaceable.  This means that if you do happen to use your pepper gun in a face to face encounter, you’ll be able to spend just a few bucks more to reload it and be armed and ready.  Further, MACE makes a test cartridge, which is filled with nothing other than water.  So, you can test fire and practice all that you want to get comfortable with your new weapon.  MACE knows you want and need the ability to practice, so all gun packages include not only the MACE Pepper Gun, but also one live cartridge and one practice/training cartridge.  Additional cartridges can be purchased separately.  Further, even holsters are available so that you can carry your gun with you and be ready.  (SCROLL DOWN TO ORDER PRODUCTS OR TO VIEW MORE AT DefenderPepperGuns.com)

What is it they say?  A picture is worth a thousand words?  Well, how about a video?  Watch this video on the MACE Pepper Gun and I think you’ll be able to see why we at DEFENDERPEPPERGUNS.COM believe in pepper guns so much.  They are an incredibly effective means of self defense with very little worry about being able to use it on an attacker.  Check’em out for your self defense….


MACE has also just released a model that integrates a flashing strobe light with the gun.  You may not realize, but in very dark situations, a flashing strobe can disorient an attacker, giving you one more level of self defense protection.

MACE Pepper Guns are on Sale currently.  Click on an image below to order.


MACE Pepper Gun

On SALE NOW – $69.95



mace pepper gun with strobe

On SALE NOW – $74.95


So, there you go.  The MACE Pepper Gun available with a Flashlight or a Strobe Flashlight will come with a live cartridge and a practice cartridge.  It can shoot up to 25 feet for 7 one second blasts.  And, it has replaceable cartridges and a holster available.  To see all the MACE Pepper Gun related items, CLICK HERE.


We began selling self defense weapons in our brick and mortar store as well as online on our other website several years ago.  We learned first hand what types of weapons and protection people were wanting and, more importantly, which ones worked!  We removed the cheap items that were novelties at best and began focusing on real protection for our customers.  We never wanted to hear from a customer that they had trusted us by buying one of our products and needed it in a real life situation, but it didn’t work.

When Pepper Guns first came out, we were somewhat skeptical as we’ve learned to be with any new products coming to market.  However, after testing them in various situations, we have found a few that we like and trust and can recommend to our customers.  The MACE Pepper Gun is certainly one of those pepper guns.  Very easy to carry.  Very easy to use.  Very affordable.  Highly effective.  I think that pretty much sums it up!

To see ALL the weapons Defender Pepper Guns carries, CLICK HERE



MACE Pepper Gun

Many people who are familiar with Pepper Sprays are familiar with the name brand MACE. They are sort of the recognized leader in defense sprays.  They’ve done a fantastic job of marketing and branding themselves.

Mace Pepper GunOne of their products, the MACE Pepper Gun, is quite popular among people wanting to prepare themselves for self defense.  The gun is easily displayed to a would be attacker, which hopefully, will prevent an attack altogether.  But, if needed to be used, the gun can be deployed quickly and easily.

MACE offers a holster that makes it easy to have the unit within hand’s reach.  With trigger action, the gun quickly deploys up to 7, one second sprays for a distance of up to 25 feet.  So, you can be fairly far away from an attacker and still repel them.  Please know, though, that due to the possibility of wind and other circumstances, I personally recommend being a little closer, even as close as 15 feet.  Not only will this decrease the likelihood of something interfering with your shooting, it will make it much easier to aim the gun at your attacker.

MACE Pepper Gun spray is considered very hot and will quickly cause someone to have difficulty in breathing, will quickly cause tearing, and will quickly cause extreme discomfort to the degree that they will most likely be incapacitated enough to leave you alone while you make your get a way.