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Pepper Spray

Regardless of whether you want to check out MACE Defense Spray at mace.com or Sabre Pepper Spray at www.sabrered.com or at www.ruger.com you’ll find all quality products.  But, if you’d rather check one site that has all these items and more, check out SmartStun.com

Only the best self defense weapons are carried, and, more importantly, tried, tested and carried by the staff of this store.  You’ll know anything they have is quality and really works.

For instance, if you read their page about stun guns, they acknowledge that they have relationships with many more stun gun companies.  However, they only carry 3 brands.  Why?  Because they only carry the 3 brands that they feel are capable of protecting you and your loved ones.  Contrary to other websites, they aren’t selling all the crap that they can get their hands on merely to make  a buck.  Rather, they’re selling only the best quality self defense products available.

Check’em out!

– by E Harris

MACE Pepper Gun

Many people who are familiar with Pepper Sprays are familiar with the name brand MACE. They are sort of the recognized leader in defense sprays.  They’ve done a fantastic job of marketing and branding themselves.

Mace Pepper GunOne of their products, the MACE Pepper Gun, is quite popular among people wanting to prepare themselves for self defense.  The gun is easily displayed to a would be attacker, which hopefully, will prevent an attack altogether.  But, if needed to be used, the gun can be deployed quickly and easily.

MACE offers a holster that makes it easy to have the unit within hand’s reach.  With trigger action, the gun quickly deploys up to 7, one second sprays for a distance of up to 25 feet.  So, you can be fairly far away from an attacker and still repel them.  Please know, though, that due to the possibility of wind and other circumstances, I personally recommend being a little closer, even as close as 15 feet.  Not only will this decrease the likelihood of something interfering with your shooting, it will make it much easier to aim the gun at your attacker.

MACE Pepper Gun spray is considered very hot and will quickly cause someone to have difficulty in breathing, will quickly cause tearing, and will quickly cause extreme discomfort to the degree that they will most likely be incapacitated enough to leave you alone while you make your get a way.