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Why Pepper Guns Work

Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 GreyWe’re all familiar with pepper spray.  Some are small canisters on key chains and some are larger and some are so large that police carry them, they’re 1 pound jumbo size.  And, there are different brands of them:  WildFire, MACE, Sabre, to name a few.

So, then, what’s so great about a Pepper Gun?

Pepper Guns combine the effectiveness of high quality pepper spray into a delivery mechanism that allows for better aim, can shoot either farther or at higher velocities, or both, and might even be visually menacing enough to stop an attack before it even begins.  And, its this last situation that is really beneficial.  Think about it, you come face to face with someone who wants your wallet and tells you to empty your pockets.  In so doing, you pull out a a pepper gun and point it at them.  They put their hands up and say they “don’t want any trouble” and back away.  This is truly what a pepper gun can do.

In addition to this, they can certainly back up what they are intended to do.  All three models of these self defense weapons, the Kimber Pepper Blaster, the MACE Pepper Gun Pistol and the Piexon JPX Jet Protector all have incredibly hot pepper spray formula as their “bullet”.  So, upon firing your weapon at someone, you will be shooting them with a pepper formula that is designed to cause intense pain, difficulty in breathing, coughing, hacking, crying and overall mental confusion for up to 45 minutes.  You’ll have plenty of time to get away.

And, contrary to that of a stun gun or knife, a pepper gun allows for a safer distance between you and an attacker.  The Kimber Pepper Blaster, for instance, shoots up to 13 feet and at speeds of 100 mph.  And, the MACE Pepper Gun can shoot 25 feet.  The JPX Jet Protector from Piexon can shoot over 20 feet and at speeds of over 400 mph!  With these abilities to shoot, these weapons allow for safe distances AND very little to NO reaction time by whomever you’re spraying.

This is why Pepper Guns are proven to work and are now spreading like wildfire as the choice of self defense weapons in the United States and around the world.

-By E Harris

Kimber Pepper Blaster

Kimber Pepper BlasterHere’s a nifty little self defense weapon that people really love.  Its easy to use, easy to carry, but still highly effective.  The Kimber Pepper Blaster is a pepper gun.

A pepper gun is somewhat different from a typical canister of pepper spray.  First, it looks more like a handgun which, if drawn, gives an attacker a little more sense of something that will cause them pain.  Secondly, this particular model fires the pepper spray, not by being under pressure, but rather from a pyrotechnic charge.  The charge dispenses the pepper spray at a higher speed, and with the handgun “feel” of the unit, the user is able to point and fire much easier, thus, having a better chance of hitting their target.

The Kimber Pepper Blaster has two loads, or discharges, built into the unit.  And, for those who want a little practice ahead of time, they offer a training model.  Finally, there are a couple of different holsters available to ensure that you have your pepper gun on you when you need it.  These are very affordable at just under $50 and very effective.  If you’re looking for an added bit of protection without breaking the bank, this unit may be just what you need.


Small Business Owners to Arm Themselves

Let’s face it, times are tough.  Crime is getting way out of hand in many areas of the country as unemployment and underemployment continues on at high rates….much higher than the government reports.  Increasingly, I read headlines of local businesses getting held up at gunpoint.

While many of these local businesses don’t want a firearm behind the register forpepper guns whatever personal reason they have, most want some form of weapon or protection.  One such self defense weapon to consider is a pepper gun.  I’m not talking about a small canister of pepper spray that someone keeps on their key ring.  I’m talking about a weapon that looks similar to a hand gun so that anyone looking down the barrel of it will be instantly concerned for their well being.

Pepper guns have come into the mainstream lately as the technology behind them has developed to the point where they are serious weapons.  There are models from Kimber and MACE.  However, one I like best is the Piexon JPX Jet Protector.  Do a little surfing around on the subject of pepper guns and you’re sure to find one you like.