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Why Pepper Guns Work

Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 GreyWe’re all familiar with pepper spray.  Some are small canisters on key chains and some are larger and some are so large that police carry them, they’re 1 pound jumbo size.  And, there are different brands of them:  WildFire, MACE, Sabre, to name a few.

So, then, what’s so great about a Pepper Gun?

Pepper Guns combine the effectiveness of high quality pepper spray into a delivery mechanism that allows for better aim, can shoot either farther or at higher velocities, or both, and might even be visually menacing enough to stop an attack before it even begins.  And, its this last situation that is really beneficial.  Think about it, you come face to face with someone who wants your wallet and tells you to empty your pockets.  In so doing, you pull out a a pepper gun and point it at them.  They put their hands up and say they “don’t want any trouble” and back away.  This is truly what a pepper gun can do.

In addition to this, they can certainly back up what they are intended to do.  All three models of these self defense weapons, the Kimber Pepper Blaster, the MACE Pepper Gun Pistol and the Piexon JPX Jet Protector all have incredibly hot pepper spray formula as their “bullet”.  So, upon firing your weapon at someone, you will be shooting them with a pepper formula that is designed to cause intense pain, difficulty in breathing, coughing, hacking, crying and overall mental confusion for up to 45 minutes.  You’ll have plenty of time to get away.

And, contrary to that of a stun gun or knife, a pepper gun allows for a safer distance between you and an attacker.  The Kimber Pepper Blaster, for instance, shoots up to 13 feet and at speeds of 100 mph.  And, the MACE Pepper Gun can shoot 25 feet.  The JPX Jet Protector from Piexon can shoot over 20 feet and at speeds of over 400 mph!  With these abilities to shoot, these weapons allow for safe distances AND very little to NO reaction time by whomever you’re spraying.

This is why Pepper Guns are proven to work and are now spreading like wildfire as the choice of self defense weapons in the United States and around the world.

-By E Harris

What is a Pepper gun?

W’e’re not talking here about the type of pepper gun that grinds black pepper for your food.  No, we’re talking about one of the best self defense weapons available today.  People of all walks of life are carrying pepper guns for their protection because they’re easy to carry, easy to shoot, rather affordable when compared with other weapons and, highly effective.

MACE Pepper GunA pepper gun is a type of self defense weapon that takes the form of a handgun.  There are a few different brands and models available, with the most popular being from Kimber, MACE and Piexon, a Switzerland based company.  All of these weapons look similar to or almost exactly like a handgun, which makes them easy to hold and easy for the user to fire.

The Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 is the most affordable.  It is a gun that is loaded with 2 firings and can shoot up to 13 feet and up to 100 mph!  Different than a can of pepper spray, which shoots from being under pressure, this gun shoots with a pyrotechnic charge causing the blast.  This is why it is able to shoot at such a high velocity.  These are generally found for sale around $40-50 and are available in 2 colors (red or grey) and have several holsters or carrying pouches available.  They are not reloadable as once they’re used they’re designed to be replaced with another unit.

The MACE Pepper Gun Pistol is the next most affordable model.  It also looks like a pistol or a revolver.  While this  model doesn’t shoot at quite the velocity of the Kimber, it shoots much farther at just over 25 feet.  That’s a very large distance of protection for the user.  This gun uses pressurized canisters for its pepper formula which allows for replacement cartridges.  So, while the gun itself generally sells for $70-80, the replacement canisters can be purchased for $25-30.  This model also offers a few holster choices and is available in a few different colors.

Finally, the JPX Jet Protector from Piexon is the top of the line model pepper gun.  These guns look almost exactly like a handgun of sorts.  They can be bought with a laser built in or without.  These guns also work with a pyrotechnic charge which allows their velocity to increase substantially over the Kimber pepper gun.  These models shoot at distances just over 20 feet and at speeds at just over 400 mph!  Their accuracy is very tight and these units have been carried by law enforcement personnel in Europe for years.  Only recently have these become available for purchase to civilians in the United States.  With prices starting at $250, their are a host of options and accessories available, such as replacement cartridges and even bundles or kits with various accessory packs.

Regardless of which model of Pepper Gun you choose, you’ll soon find out why so many people are placing their trust in these highly effective and affordable weapons that are easy to use.

-By E Harris

JPX Pepper Gun OC Gel Cartridge Update

About a month ago, Piexon had to pull their OC Gel Cartridges off the shelf due to safety concerns.  While they already have a disclaimer on all their products that one should not shoot someone at a range closer than 5 feet due to the velocity of the firing being so strong that it causes physical damage beyond that of just the burn of the pepper, the OC Gel was determined to be so thick, that at ANY distance, it would potentially cause physical damage regardless of the distance being shot.

So, for now, there are no OC Gel Cartridges being sold for the Piexon JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun.  If and when this changes, we’ll certainly let you know.

– By E Harris

Defender Pepper Guns

I know we mentioned this the other day, but I got so many inquiries, I felt the need to write a bit more about our new site that is devoted to carrying only pepper guns and pepper sprays.

That’s right, DefenderPepperGuns.com is our newest website and it carries self defense weapons like the JPX Jet Protector fromDefender pepper Guns Piexon, as well as others.  But, the JPX Pepper Gun is the best of the best.  It is our premier model.  Why?  Because it is by far the easiest and most effective unit we carry.  This model has all the accessories and options available that you’d want from any weapon.  It has lasers, holsters, various pepper spray cartridges, replaceable cartridges, even a training cartridge so the user can get proficient with its use.  Most most amazingly, the JPX fires at speeds up to 270 mph.  Think about that….how fast have you ever gone in a car?  Well, this is at least twice as fast as that!  Wind doesn’t generally affect it as it is so powerful.

But, yes, at the new website, DefenderPepperGuns.com, you’ll also find models from MACE and Kimber.  The MACE pepper Pistol and the Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 are both highly effective, especially considering their price.  The Kimber model can be picked up for just under $50 and the MACE Gun can be had for around $75.  They both have their unique features and benefits, but suffice it to say they both off protection against would be attackers.  If a police officer is not next to you, you’ll feel safe knowing you have one of these best pepper guns with you.