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JPX Sold Out Until Aug 2013

That’s right.  Both the JPX Jet Protector with laser and the one without laser are both sold out in the United States until mid to late August, 2013.  The U.S. distributor has just announced to us that their next shipment will not arrive in the U.S. until some time in August, probably 3rd or 4 th week.

The JPX Jet Protector from Piexon has outsold its forecasted sales for the first half of the year.  These ultra high powered pepper guns are so amazing that when people buy them and show them to friends and family, those people then place orders.  There is truly no better self defense weapon.

Just as soon as they’re back in stock, we’ll alert you.  Stay tuned…


-By E Harris


JPX Jet Protector Give-a-Way

I don’t profess to be overly generous, nor do I profess to be any more spiritual than anyone else.  But, sometimes, I do feel some form of “guidance” entering into me suggesting I do something.  So, I just sent someone a JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun, free of charge and without them even knowing they were going to get it.

Every now and then, for whatever reason, a particular customer stands out to me, not jpx jet protector with lasernecessarily for any particular reason.  And, that was the case here.  I took a phone call well over a year ago from a lady in Nevada.  Her husband had just gotten a new job (I could sense a little bit of the financial need for him getting the job during the economic downtown) and she was worried that he’d be out late at night without enough protection.  She wanted to know what self defense weapon she should buy.  The one I recommended at first was a little out of their budget, so she opted for a rather inexpensive item to begin with.

About 4 or 5 months later, I  noticed another order for something a little bit larger and then, yesterday I saw her name pop up again in our ordering system.  She was ordering a Police Size Pepper Spray.  So, I knew he must still be working as a security guard and that she was still concerned.  The “guidance” inside of me said to, in addition to filling her order as she had placed it, send her a JPX Jet Protector with laser, training cartridge and holster.  So, I did.  I just sent her an email letting her know that a “little something extra” would be arriving for her husband to use to keep himself, and the other residents of Nevada, safe and sound……compliments of SmartStun.com.