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Defuser Pepper Spray

A unique item is the DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable pin.  It is the first of its kind, but I’m sure there will be many knock offs of it in the future.  Why?  Because it truly is a very good self defense weapon or product.  Here’s a video that gives some more info.  Note the following items mentioned about this pepper spray:

  • The Disable Pin
  • The Amount of Spray contained
  • How the Keys are Attached



So, as you can see, the DeFuser Pepper Spray IS TRULY a unique product that certainly deserves consideration.

6 Year Old Sprayed with Mace

maced with pepper sprayI don’t know if you saw the headlines this morning, but one of them was of a piece of trash in New York State who went into a laundromat, started pounding on some guy (I’m sure there was some reason, but still), then pulled out some MACE and began spraying not only the guy he was pounding but also who appeared to be his little girl.

Turns out the little girl was a 6 year old and yeah, he sprayed the crap out of her with MACE.  While I don’t advocate any type of brutality, in this case, I certainly believe “an eye for an eye” is appropriate.  And, who knows, maybe it was MACE or some other brand of pepper spray, but regardless, it was a horrible thing.

Fortunately, it was all caught on the laundromat surveillance cameras and the video was circulated widely.  Apparently, the guy felt the heat and turned himself in within a few hours.  But, in watching the video, his actions were so apparent and aggravated, I would suggest no leniency.


Pepper Spray – Pepper Gel

Most people know about Pepper Spray, but not everyone knows about a really cool, fairly new product that I like a lot.  It’s Pepper Gel.

Now, similar to pepper spray, Pepper Gel is used to spray onto attackers causing them Pepper Gelsevere burning, inability to breathe and general overall discomfort.  But, what’s better about gel is that the tendency for someone who’s been sprayed with either gel or spray is to wipe it.  When someone does this to the gel, all they do is smear it making it much worse.  I know that probably sounds masochistic of me, but I figure if someone was in a position to get hit with defense spray, then, they probably deserve to really be in pain.

In my opinion, this stuff makes the overall experience of being sprayed the worst experience it can be.


DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin

Alright, here’s something that I think warrants a look by anyone who carries pepper spray or is about to purchase some.  This is the DeFuser Pepper Spray WITH Disable Pin.  These are pretty cool.

Defuser Pepper Spray with Disable PinAll other pepper sprays that have been sold for decades have the possible problem of an attacker grabbing the spray from the user’s hand and turning and using it on them.  The victim stays the victim, even though they were prepared.  But, the DeFuser brand of pepper spray has the added benefit of having a disable pin.  The user carries the spray in their hand with the pin strap around their wrist.  If someone yanks the weapon from their hand, the pin becomes dislodged leaving the spray inoperable.  Other weapons have had this feature for years, but this is the first defense spray on the market with this safety feature.

And, its formula is legal to carry in all 50 states!  Its available in either a pink or black color. And, it has a keychain on it to hold the user’s keys.  I think this will be around for years and others will begin copying it soon.  This is a must have for girls leaving for college and for anyone wanting an added measure of protection while they’re out and about.