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Defender Pepper Guns carries ONLY Trusted Self Defense Weapons

As retailers, we’ve been selling self defense weapons for a number of years now.  We sell online through a couple of websites and we sell in a brick and mortar store.  We know there are a lot of self defense weapons available today.  We also know which ones can be trusted and which ones are mere novelties, and we do our best to convey the truth to our customers, both current and potential.

Here’s the thing, you can search for stun guns on the internet.  You’ll come up with thousands if not millions of hits.  But, stun guns are also known by some to be ridiculous toys that won’t do anything to anyone.  So, the question then becomes:  How can so many places be selling stun guns if none of them work?  Well, the truth is, some work and some don’t .  And, since some stun guns ARE reliable and effective, some people ARE getting good quality stun guns, are happy with their purchases and tell their friends to get one.  Then, there are some people who buy stun guns, get them and find out they bought nothing more than a toy spark gun.  They tell their friends stun guns don’t work.

So, what do you do.  Bottom line, you buy your self defense weapons from a retailer who A) offers a no questions asked return policy;  B) answers their phone when you call with questions so that you can tell they’re a legitimate business selling legitimate products;  and, C) acknowledges that some products are good quality products that are worth carrying and some are not.

At Smartstun.com, we strive to do all these things and more.  Not only do we do the above three mentioned points, we also publish blogs and information like this site to get the word out for customers.  We are active in the industry and truly want to be known as the “go-to” company for customers who want to make a good purchase and not have to worry about buying junk.

Find out why so many of our customers send their friends and family to us to help them with their self defense weapons purchase.  We carry only the stun guns, TASER guns, pepper guns and pepper spray products that we know work.

– by Nate


Pepper Spray at DefenderPepperGuns.com

I don’t think its any secret that DefenderPepperGuns.com has a main focus of selling pepper spray and pepper gun related products.  While we do have several other forms of highly effective and trust worthy self defense weapons, primarily you’ll find that our belief in pepper spray being one of the most effective forms of protection for most people, most of the time.

1 lb Police Pepper SprayAnd, isn’t that what you want?  You want to know that whatever you’re carrying has the greatest chance of saving your life or the life of your loved ones.  And, whether you carry a small key chain canister of pepper spray, keep a large 1 pound Jumbo Police Pepper Spray in your home or pack the amazing JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun from Piexon, you know you have a weapon that you can stand strong and face whatever challenges come your way.

I had a customer yesterday who was placing an order.  She has new neighbors who have 3 large dogs; a pit bull and 2 German Shepherds.  None of them are fenced, nor leashed.  As she comes and goes, she has to quickly get into and out of her car while traveling to or from her house.  She is extremely afraid.  After discussion, we determined her best choice would be to add a MACE Pepper Gun and holster to her purse so that she can quickly get it if needed to spray the dogs.  This gave her the greatest distance of protection and will provide her with several shots since there several dogs.

Not everyone needs a mace gun.  But, most people these days, regardless of whether they live in large cities, small towns or rural settings, can benefit from carrying some form of pepper spray or pepper gun.

– by E Harris


Pepper Guns Spreading like Wildfire in Texas and Louisiana!

Texas Group is selling the JPX Jet Protector to law enforcement communities in Texas, Louisiana and surrounding areas.  Sales are so strong, this group doesn’t even have to go very far to sell out the stock.

“Squirt Gun from Hell”, a “Hot Loogie”.  So many words and phrases are being used to describe the Jet Protector and all are appropriate.  Learn why law enforcement officers are putting their trust in this new technology at Defender Pepper Guns.

Where to Buy a Pepper Gun

If you’ve landed here on this site, then you’re obviously considering the purchase of a pepper gun.  And, most likely, you’re looking for a site to buy one from.   And, with our years of selling self defense weapons online, we feel you’re in the right place.

Defender Pepper Guns

Visit Defender Pepper Guns today to find out why so many people trust us with their self defense weapons needs.

Our main website, which is Defender Pepper Guns focuses solely on the sale of pepper guns and pepper related products.  And, we’ve set up this blog site to provide more detail and discussion about the benefits of owning these powerful self defense weapons.  Additionally, we have other websites which focus on other self defense weapons.  With this exposure to the various products available to you, we feel we are uniquely qualified to explain the various differences in self defense weapons.

Some items, like stun guns, are great in certain stressful situations, but not so much in others.  And, TASER guns are also great in certain conditions, but not necessarily in others.  We believe, though, that pepper guns generally offer the best defense in more situations than any other weapon.  This is why we launched Defender Pepper Guns because, after years of working with people and helping them purchase weapons, we have seen firsthand the value of these products for our customers.  And, so, we felt it necessary to develop a website which only supports the sale of the best pepper spray products available today.

From the Piexon JPX Jet Protector to the DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable pin, both unique products, we continue to seek out the best and the most proven pepper spray weapons coming to market.  Visit Defender Pepper Guns and find out why so many people are placing their trust and safety in us.

-By Nate

Defender Pepper Guns on Facebook

That’s right, you can now follow DefenderPepperGuns.com on Facebook.  In the search box of your Facebook page, simply type in Defender pepper Guns and you will find us.  Go ahead, click on the “Like” button so you can stay abreast of all our goings on.

We will regularly post new products and sales and specials there.  You can also share us with your friends.  This way, you can not only get a great deal on self defense weapons for yourself, you may just help a friend prevent a horrible attack on themselves.  So, go ahead, search for us, like us, share us.  You’ll be glad you did.  So will your friends.

– By E Harris