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Basic Info on Pepper Spray

Most people are pretty familiar with the overall concept of pepper spray and generally think of the small canisters that people carry around on key chains.  You can find these everywhere.  You can find them at many big box stores and you can find them on many websites online.  However, there is much more selection than these small little canisters that most people think of.

First, there are many brands.  And, quite honestly, they’re all pretty much the same when it comes to how effective their formula is.1 lb Police Pepper Spray  They’re all hotter than hell and burn like crap.  They all pretty much cause the same intense level of choking, gasping for air, difficulty in breathing and excessive crying or tearing.  Its a miserable feeling and its so intense that, I’ve never seen anyone who, once sprayed with pepper spray could do anything else, other than focus on the pain.

So, with that being said, what else is there to consider?  Well, quite honestly, there are many, many different sizes and shapes of pepper sprays that you really should do online research before buying pepper spray.  I say this because if you just go to a big box store that sells it, you’re most likely ONLY going to find the small canisters.  But, online you’ll find the small key chain pepper sprays, slightly larger ones, even, then 2 ounce and 4 ounce cans. You’ll find 9 ounce and even 16 ounce cans.  You’ll find pistol grips.  You’ll find batons that can function as gouging into pressure points of an attacker if needed.  You’ll find so much more.  And, only by seeing what all is available will you be able to adequately determine which pepper spray to buy that will best protect you, your loved ones and your belongings.

Check out DefenderPepperGuns.com today and see the wide selection of styles available.

– by E Harris


Buy Wildfire Pepper Spray Online

Wildfire Pepper Spray is well known to be one of the hottest pepper spray formulas available anywhere.  When someone gets sprayed withBuy Wildfire Pepper Spray Online this stuff, all they can do for about 45 minutes is cry, hack, cough, have trouble breathing and generally, lose their ability to concentrate. The stuff is nasty!

Its available in small to large sizes and its available in your traditional sprays, but also foggers and gels.  I find the gel to be the best product and here’s why:  when someone gets sprayed, their initial reaction is to wipe.  But, when you do this with pepper gel, all that is  accomplished is a smearing and spreading of the heat and pain.  Its miserable to have this stuff on you!

Check out Wildfire pepper sprays online today and buy whichever product you feel best suits your needs!

– By E Harris


DeFuser Pepper Spray at DefenderPepperGuns.com

Its been a little while now since we talked about one of the best new self defense products to come out in a long time:  the DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin.  This unique design combines the best features to provide very safe and effective protection.

Defuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin at DefenderPepperguns.comThe DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable pin is just that; it combines literally the hottest pepper spray formula available with a very safe to use dispenser -and- it adds the safety of a disable pin.  When properly used, the disable pin strap goes around the users wrist.  And, if an attacker takes the pepper spray from the user’s hand, then the pin dislodges leaving the pepper spray useless; it cannot be sprayed.  This wonderful feature has been available on stun guns for quite some time, but the DeFuser is the first to put it onto a pepper spray.

You can find the DeFuser Pepper Spray at DefenderPepperGuns.com and its available in either black or pink.  Note: if its going to be carried in a purse most often, the pink shows up in a dark purse better than the black.

– By E Harris


Defuser Pepper Spray

A unique item is the DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable pin.  It is the first of its kind, but I’m sure there will be many knock offs of it in the future.  Why?  Because it truly is a very good self defense weapon or product.  Here’s a video that gives some more info.  Note the following items mentioned about this pepper spray:

  • The Disable Pin
  • The Amount of Spray contained
  • How the Keys are Attached



So, as you can see, the DeFuser Pepper Spray IS TRULY a unique product that certainly deserves consideration.

Buy Pepper Spray Online

These days, you can pretty much buy just about anything online.  And, buying pepper spray online is also an option.  This is pretty cool, beyond what most people realize, and here’s why.

buy pepper spray onlineMost retailers of traditional brick and mortar stores partner with one or two brands of pepper spray and carry their products only.  Not a bad way to go really, since many manufacturers make generally similar products.  However, upon occasion, there are a couple of unique products that you would miss if you didn’t happen to go to “that particular” store who carried that particular brand.  So, while being able to shop and buy pepper spray online, you have the freedom to roam and learn about all the different types of products available.

For instance, while surfing one site, say SmartStun.com, you might find some Wildfire Pepper Gel.  This is not a product that is your traditional spray or stream, but rather a thick goo that gets ejected onto your target.  And, since the target’s normal reaction is to “wipe away the pain”, in the case of the gel, they’re just going to smear it, making it worse.

Or, as you surf around, you might find you’re really drawn to pepper guns or even a spray that has a removable safety disable pin for your protection.  All these products come from different manufacturers and by being able to quickly and easily surf from site to site, you’ll have the opportunity to find the product that is right for you.