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Which is the Best Stun Gun?

Tough question, really.  As it really depends on the situation someone is wanting to protect against.

Zap stun batonFor instance, if someone is wanting aggressive dog or animal protection, a stun baton is probably the best choice.  And, both the ZAP Stun Baton and either of the Omega Stun Batons are excellent, quality choices..  If someone wants some level of distance between themselves and an attacker, a TASER Gun or Phazzer Dragon or Enforcer is probably the best choice.  But, if someone is merely looking for a handheld stun gun, then quite honestly, either the ZAP Double Trouble or the Barracuda BC37 would probably be the best choice.

The ZAP Double Trouble stun gun is great because of the distance between the zap double troubleelectrical probes.  What I mean is this:  the probes are several inches apart and the electrical current of the stun gun, or the “stun”, travels from one probe to the other THROUGH the target’s body.  Since the distance is fairly great, relative to other stun guns, the electricity spends more time in their body, thus affecting them more.  Pretty simple concept, right?

best stun gunThe Barracuda BC37 Stun Gun, though, is technically the best stun gun on the market.  I say this because of several reasons.  First, the power source:  Ni-MH battery.  This means its a nickel metal hydride battery and these, by far, are the longest living, most reliable and most powerful rechargeable batteries available.  And, this is what powers the BC37.  Second, the stun gun marries both high voltage (3.7 million volts) with the highest amperage of any stun gun on the market (4.5 milliamps).  For reference, most good quality stun guns deliver approx 3 milliamps.  This makes the Barracuda a full 50% more powerful than most other good stun guns.  And, this is EXTREMELY important.  Why?  Because amperage is what penetrates into the muscles and causes them to spasm and fatigue.  Amperage is what causes mental confusion.  Amperage is what causes severe bodily discomfort.  More amperage simply means more pain!

So, again, the answer to which stun gun is the best truly depends on how it is to be used.  But, we’ve covered a few really great choices here today.

– by E Harris

Defender Pepper Guns now carries Omega and ZAP Stun Guns

As of today, we’ve expanded our offerings of stun guns to include Omega Stun Guns and Stun Batons, as well as ZAP Stun Guns, Batons and Flashlights.

We’ve carried Barracuda Stun guns for a while now and the response from customers has been good.  However, many wanted Stun Batons and Flashlight Stun Guns, too.  Since we already had relationships in place that would allow us to quickly add these lines, we did.

Keep in mind:  we are still committed to carrying ONLY the brands and models of self defense weapons that we believe in.  We also have relationships in place that would allow us to quickly add many other lines.  However, we simply DO NOT BELIEVE in their quality nor effectiveness.  So, we refuse to carry sub-par products simply for the sake of making a buck.

Please visit Defender Pepper Guns today AND share us with all your friends and family….they’ll thank you for it!

– by E Harris