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Best Pepper Spray

Which pepper spray is best?  Fact is, it doesn’t really matter.  I know, there will be people who say, “yes, but technically, this one is hotter than that one making it the better choice.”

And, while they’re right…..technically, virtually ALL pepper sprays on the market are highly effective.  They’re hotter than hell and cause intense pain.  Even the cheapest ones.  Even expired ones are still generally quite effective, not that I’m suggesting you rest your safety on an expired pepper spray.

But, my point is this, Wildfire Pepper Spray is, after having tested most pepper sprays on the market, technically the best pepper spray, based on heat.  And, if all other things are equal, this is the brand I’d recommend.  But, if the dispensers are not as convenient for you as another brand, then, by all means, get the other brand.  For instance, the DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin offers a unique type of protection with the addition of its disable pin.  Its the only pepper spray WITH a disable pin.  If this is a feature that is important to you, then, blow off the fact that the DeFuser is rated slighly less hot….Why?  Because its still so freaking hot that anyone hit with the stuff CANNOT continue doing anything but hack, cough, cry and wheeze.  They’re mentally confused and you’re safe.

So, again, the best pepper spray is the one you’ll carry and feel most comfortable with.

– by E Harris


Basic Info on Pepper Spray

Most people are pretty familiar with the overall concept of pepper spray and generally think of the small canisters that people carry around on key chains.  You can find these everywhere.  You can find them at many big box stores and you can find them on many websites online.  However, there is much more selection than these small little canisters that most people think of.

First, there are many brands.  And, quite honestly, they’re all pretty much the same when it comes to how effective their formula is.1 lb Police Pepper Spray  They’re all hotter than hell and burn like crap.  They all pretty much cause the same intense level of choking, gasping for air, difficulty in breathing and excessive crying or tearing.  Its a miserable feeling and its so intense that, I’ve never seen anyone who, once sprayed with pepper spray could do anything else, other than focus on the pain.

So, with that being said, what else is there to consider?  Well, quite honestly, there are many, many different sizes and shapes of pepper sprays that you really should do online research before buying pepper spray.  I say this because if you just go to a big box store that sells it, you’re most likely ONLY going to find the small canisters.  But, online you’ll find the small key chain pepper sprays, slightly larger ones, even, then 2 ounce and 4 ounce cans. You’ll find 9 ounce and even 16 ounce cans.  You’ll find pistol grips.  You’ll find batons that can function as gouging into pressure points of an attacker if needed.  You’ll find so much more.  And, only by seeing what all is available will you be able to adequately determine which pepper spray to buy that will best protect you, your loved ones and your belongings.

Check out DefenderPepperGuns.com today and see the wide selection of styles available.

– by E Harris


Best Pepper Spray

With my years of experience in working with self defense weapons, I’ve never found a pepper spray that didn’t work really well.  Regardless of the brand, the formula and so on, they are all highly effective.  So, then, determining which is the best really comes down to which one is best for you as an individual.

Defuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin at DefenderPepperguns.comArguably, one of the best pepper spray products has to be the DeFuser Pepper Spray with disable pin.  Why?  Because, after having already stated that the actual pepper formula is not the determining factor, we can say that a key factor in deciding which is the best.  And, I doubt one particular item can be the best for everyone.  And, that’s why I’m saying this model is “one of the best”.  Not only does this unit give you more sprays for its size than other spray dispensers, but it also shoots farther.  So, that’s critical.

But, what truly makes this pepper spray unique is that it is THE ONLY PEPPER SPRAY with a disable pin.  So, if someone rips the weapon from your hand, the pin dislodges and it cannot be used against you.  I’ll let you decide how important a feature like that is, but to me, with all the stories I hear, I can tell you, its highly important.

– By E Harris