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Prepare with Bear Mace

I’ve been looking into homes in the Northern Arkansas area of the Ozarks.  And, one thing has become abundantly clear:  if we move there, I will have to prepare my home with some Bear Mace.

Brown Bears are all over the Ozarks, I’m finding out.  And, since I’m moving there to hike and bike and fish, I’ll certainly need to be prepared for the case of coming face to face with a bear.  But, I also have to make sure I’m prepared at home.  I could be taking my trash out to the can to find one of mother nature’s wonderful creatures staring me in the face.

This scenario happens daily across the US and I know for a fact that very few people in encounter prone areas are prepared for a face to face encounter with a bear.  I won’t be a stastic!

– by E Harris

The Need for Bear MACE

Here’s something to consider.  With ever increasing expansion, man is moving into more and more parts of this country.  For instance, where we used to live in Southern Arizona, there was a range of mountains.  20 years ago, there were maybe 20-30 homes spread throughout those mountains.  Today, there are hundreds.  What significance is this?

We are doing two things:  1.  We are moving and living closer to wild animals such as bears;  2.  We are constricting the areas where these native species, like bears, can live.

Basically, we’re moving right into bear country.  Because of this, anyone near situations like this better have a can or two of bear mace with them.  Whether you simply hike in mountains or near a stream, there’s a strong likelihood that you could come in contact with a bear or other wild animal.  Or, if you live in mountains or near a stream or woods, you better have a can of bear mace in your home.  You see on YouTube all the time videos of bears at the back doors of people’s homes.  Or, you see videos of bears going thru people’s trash.  This is very real occurrence.

But, many people wait until its too late.  They wait until after they’re face to face with a bear before getting anything.  Don’t be a victim.  While bears certainly don’t love the maced with animal defense spray, they much rather this happen than to be shot and/or forcibly removed and relocated.

– by E Harris


MACE Pepper Spray

There are several different brands of good quality pepper spray, but I don’t think any are as recognized as MACE Pepper Spray.  MACE has been around about as long as anyone in the Defense Spray field.  And, they make a host of products for civilians, as well as Police.

These days, though, pepper spray is so prevalent that you can even get the same Police Pepper Spray in the 1 pound size that law enforcement personnel carry.  There’s bear MACE.  There’s the the MACE Pepper Gun.  There are so many different sizes and styles of dispensers available from the ones that go onto you key chain to a multi pack for protecting your home and car.

And, MACE has gotten into other areas such as personal alarms, like the Screecher, and Home Security systems.  MACE has truly done a fantastic job of helping all Americans provide safety and security to loved ones, both while home and while away.

Bear Mace

Bear MaceOkay, so now Bear Mace is not a pepper gun, I know, but it is still quite important to have in the arsenal of self defense weapons.  All too often people stroll out into the rural settings around their house, maybe near a stream or a lake or even into some nearby mountains just to get away and refresh themselves.  And, in being unprepared, end up being way less than refreshed.

There are numerous bear encounters everyday in the United States.  And, as humans are increasingly encroaching onto wild habitats, they are increasingly coming face to face with bears.  The bears certainly mean no harm, but what if you just happen upon a mother bear with cubs nearby?  What do you think is going to happen?  I can tell you that, in whatever way necessary, the mother bear will defend and protect her cubs and her surroundings.  You are the intruder.

Strapping a can of bear mace onto a backpack or knapsack before heading out for a hike or a visit to a nearby stream may just be what saves your life.  As always, though, please respect nature.  Appreciate the fact that YOU entered THEIR neighborhood.  Don’t antagonize any animals and if you are able to get away from a bear without using the Mace, so much the better.