Prepare with Bear Mace

I’ve been looking into homes in the Northern Arkansas area of the Ozarks.  And, one thing has become abundantly clear:  if we move there, I will have to prepare my home with some Bear Mace.

Brown Bears are all over the Ozarks, I’m finding out.  And, since I’m moving there to hike and bike and fish, I’ll certainly need to be prepared for the case of coming face to face with a bear.  But, I also have to make sure I’m prepared at home.  I could be taking my trash out to the can to find one of mother nature’s wonderful creatures staring me in the face.

This scenario happens daily across the US and I know for a fact that very few people in encounter prone areas are prepared for a face to face encounter with a bear.  I won’t be a stastic!

– by E Harris

Pepper Spray is Highly Effective

Okay, so we need a self defense weapon that works.  Works on everyone.  Stun guns work on some people.  Taser guns work on some people.  But, Pepper Spray works on everyone!  So, now we just need to identify which defense spray we’ll carry and be able to access when we need it so we can provide the protection we need.

When looking into pepper sprays, determine which formula you feel the most comfortable with.  There are sprays, fogs,  gels and foams.  Once you’ve determined this, determine which type of dispenser you’ll not only feel the most comfortable with, but more importantly, that you’ll actually CARRY with you where ever you go.  All too often, people buy weapons for protection, but leave them at home or in their car and don’t have them when they really need them.

Pepper Guns, Pepper Spray Canisters of all sizes, some with disable pins, Cans of Pepper Spray.  There are many types.   Do the research, buy it, keep it with you and know you’re protected.  You will find all types of these weapons on sale now at

– by E Harris


Is a Small Pepper Spray Dispenser Effective

This is a question we get asked often.  And, truly, more is not necessarily better when it comes to pepper spray.

Whether you have a large or a small can of pepper spray, the spray is still the same.  And, generally, it doesn’t take much defense spray on someone’s face to get them to back off, hack, wheeze, cry and just plain give up.  So, having a huge can of pepper spray, that, quite honestly, gets left in the car or at home because its too obtrusive to carry is not effective at all.  But, having a small can of pepper spray on your keychain, which generally gets taken with you where ever you go, can be quite effective.

One thing that you WILL want to pay attention to when purchasing your pepper spray is the distance it shoots.  And, yes, some of the smaller ones don’t shoot quite as far.  So, do compare that statistic on the product to ensure you’re getting something you feel comfortable with.  But, don’t overcompensate on distance only to find you have something you won’t carry and won’t have when you need it.

– by E Harris


Best Pepper Spray

Which pepper spray is best?  Fact is, it doesn’t really matter.  I know, there will be people who say, “yes, but technically, this one is hotter than that one making it the better choice.”

And, while they’re right…..technically, virtually ALL pepper sprays on the market are highly effective.  They’re hotter than hell and cause intense pain.  Even the cheapest ones.  Even expired ones are still generally quite effective, not that I’m suggesting you rest your safety on an expired pepper spray.

But, my point is this, Wildfire Pepper Spray is, after having tested most pepper sprays on the market, technically the best pepper spray, based on heat.  And, if all other things are equal, this is the brand I’d recommend.  But, if the dispensers are not as convenient for you as another brand, then, by all means, get the other brand.  For instance, the DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin offers a unique type of protection with the addition of its disable pin.  Its the only pepper spray WITH a disable pin.  If this is a feature that is important to you, then, blow off the fact that the DeFuser is rated slighly less hot….Why?  Because its still so freaking hot that anyone hit with the stuff CANNOT continue doing anything but hack, cough, cry and wheeze.  They’re mentally confused and you’re safe.

So, again, the best pepper spray is the one you’ll carry and feel most comfortable with.

– by E Harris


Which is the Best Stun Gun?

Tough question, really.  As it really depends on the situation someone is wanting to protect against.

Zap stun batonFor instance, if someone is wanting aggressive dog or animal protection, a stun baton is probably the best choice.  And, both the ZAP Stun Baton and either of the Omega Stun Batons are excellent, quality choices..  If someone wants some level of distance between themselves and an attacker, a TASER Gun or Phazzer Dragon or Enforcer is probably the best choice.  But, if someone is merely looking for a handheld stun gun, then quite honestly, either the ZAP Double Trouble or the Barracuda BC37 would probably be the best choice.

The ZAP Double Trouble stun gun is great because of the distance between the zap double troubleelectrical probes.  What I mean is this:  the probes are several inches apart and the electrical current of the stun gun, or the “stun”, travels from one probe to the other THROUGH the target’s body.  Since the distance is fairly great, relative to other stun guns, the electricity spends more time in their body, thus affecting them more.  Pretty simple concept, right?

best stun gunThe Barracuda BC37 Stun Gun, though, is technically the best stun gun on the market.  I say this because of several reasons.  First, the power source:  Ni-MH battery.  This means its a nickel metal hydride battery and these, by far, are the longest living, most reliable and most powerful rechargeable batteries available.  And, this is what powers the BC37.  Second, the stun gun marries both high voltage (3.7 million volts) with the highest amperage of any stun gun on the market (4.5 milliamps).  For reference, most good quality stun guns deliver approx 3 milliamps.  This makes the Barracuda a full 50% more powerful than most other good stun guns.  And, this is EXTREMELY important.  Why?  Because amperage is what penetrates into the muscles and causes them to spasm and fatigue.  Amperage is what causes mental confusion.  Amperage is what causes severe bodily discomfort.  More amperage simply means more pain!

So, again, the answer to which stun gun is the best truly depends on how it is to be used.  But, we’ve covered a few really great choices here today.

– by E Harris

JPX Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun

In case you missed it, the best self defense weapon is back in stock in the United States and orders are shipping quickly.  That’s right, the best pepper gun, the JPX Jet Protector is back in stock.  And, the unit with the laser is available in Black or Orange or Green, your choice.

The JPX Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun is not a cheap toy nor is it just a little thing of pepper spray.  This weapon is so powerful, it been in use by European Law Enforcement personnel for years and is now gaining traction in the United States Law Enforcement communities.  In fact, the largest orders received are by the dozens for various police departments throughout the US.  What makes this pepper gun different is that it discharges the pepper formula, not by pressure, but by a pyrotechnic charge, similar to that of firing a bullet.  So, rather than dispensing a stream or spray of pepper, it “SHOOTS” the pepper spray at up to 400 mph and at a distance of over 20 feet.  This thing is amazing!

Find out for yourself by watching the demo videos at

– by E Harris