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Pepper Spray

Regardless of whether you want to check out MACE Defense Spray at or Sabre Pepper Spray at or at you’ll find all quality products.  But, if you’d rather check one site that has all these items and more, check out

Only the best self defense weapons are carried, and, more importantly, tried, tested and carried by the staff of this store.  You’ll know anything they have is quality and really works.

For instance, if you read their page about stun guns, they acknowledge that they have relationships with many more stun gun companies.  However, they only carry 3 brands.  Why?  Because they only carry the 3 brands that they feel are capable of protecting you and your loved ones.  Contrary to other websites, they aren’t selling all the crap that they can get their hands on merely to make  a buck.  Rather, they’re selling only the best quality self defense products available.

Check’em out!

– by E Harris

Defender Pepper Guns carries ONLY Trusted Self Defense Weapons

As retailers, we’ve been selling self defense weapons for a number of years now.  We sell online through a couple of websites and we sell in a brick and mortar store.  We know there are a lot of self defense weapons available today.  We also know which ones can be trusted and which ones are mere novelties, and we do our best to convey the truth to our customers, both current and potential.

Here’s the thing, you can search for stun guns on the internet.  You’ll come up with thousands if not millions of hits.  But, stun guns are also known by some to be ridiculous toys that won’t do anything to anyone.  So, the question then becomes:  How can so many places be selling stun guns if none of them work?  Well, the truth is, some work and some don’t .  And, since some stun guns ARE reliable and effective, some people ARE getting good quality stun guns, are happy with their purchases and tell their friends to get one.  Then, there are some people who buy stun guns, get them and find out they bought nothing more than a toy spark gun.  They tell their friends stun guns don’t work.

So, what do you do.  Bottom line, you buy your self defense weapons from a retailer who A) offers a no questions asked return policy;  B) answers their phone when you call with questions so that you can tell they’re a legitimate business selling legitimate products;  and, C) acknowledges that some products are good quality products that are worth carrying and some are not.

At, we strive to do all these things and more.  Not only do we do the above three mentioned points, we also publish blogs and information like this site to get the word out for customers.  We are active in the industry and truly want to be known as the “go-to” company for customers who want to make a good purchase and not have to worry about buying junk.

Find out why so many of our customers send their friends and family to us to help them with their self defense weapons purchase.  We carry only the stun guns, TASER guns, pepper guns and pepper spray products that we know work.

– by Nate


Prepare with Bear Mace

I’ve been looking into homes in the Northern Arkansas area of the Ozarks.  And, one thing has become abundantly clear:  if we move there, I will have to prepare my home with some Bear Mace.

Brown Bears are all over the Ozarks, I’m finding out.  And, since I’m moving there to hike and bike and fish, I’ll certainly need to be prepared for the case of coming face to face with a bear.  But, I also have to make sure I’m prepared at home.  I could be taking my trash out to the can to find one of mother nature’s wonderful creatures staring me in the face.

This scenario happens daily across the US and I know for a fact that very few people in encounter prone areas are prepared for a face to face encounter with a bear.  I won’t be a stastic!

– by E Harris

Pepper Spray is Highly Effective

Okay, so we need a self defense weapon that works.  Works on everyone.  Stun guns work on some people.  Taser guns work on some people.  But, Pepper Spray works on everyone!  So, now we just need to identify which defense spray we’ll carry and be able to access when we need it so we can provide the protection we need.

When looking into pepper sprays, determine which formula you feel the most comfortable with.  There are sprays, fogs,  gels and foams.  Once you’ve determined this, determine which type of dispenser you’ll not only feel the most comfortable with, but more importantly, that you’ll actually CARRY with you where ever you go.  All too often, people buy weapons for protection, but leave them at home or in their car and don’t have them when they really need them.

Pepper Guns, Pepper Spray Canisters of all sizes, some with disable pins, Cans of Pepper Spray.  There are many types.   Do the research, buy it, keep it with you and know you’re protected.  You will find all types of these weapons on sale now at

– by E Harris


Is a Small Pepper Spray Dispenser Effective

This is a question we get asked often.  And, truly, more is not necessarily better when it comes to pepper spray.

Whether you have a large or a small can of pepper spray, the spray is still the same.  And, generally, it doesn’t take much defense spray on someone’s face to get them to back off, hack, wheeze, cry and just plain give up.  So, having a huge can of pepper spray, that, quite honestly, gets left in the car or at home because its too obtrusive to carry is not effective at all.  But, having a small can of pepper spray on your keychain, which generally gets taken with you where ever you go, can be quite effective.

One thing that you WILL want to pay attention to when purchasing your pepper spray is the distance it shoots.  And, yes, some of the smaller ones don’t shoot quite as far.  So, do compare that statistic on the product to ensure you’re getting something you feel comfortable with.  But, don’t overcompensate on distance only to find you have something you won’t carry and won’t have when you need it.

– by E Harris


Get Mace Pepper Spray Online

There’s a lot of choices out there for Mace Pepper Spray.  There are many different sizes, shapes, styles, colors and all sorts of variations.  And, quite honestly, most stores can’t carry the full selection that MACE offers.  Some don’t sell well enough and trying to carry them all would take up more space than its worth.  That’s why you should shop online for these types of things.

Go to a reputable website, like Defender Pepper Guns and bring up their page that has all the choices.  This way, in one place, you can quickly and easily compare all the different MACE products available.  Shopping for your MACE Pepper Spray online is the best because you can quickly decide which style of dispenser will be best suited for you, which size will be easiest to carry, as you want one that is as big as you can realistically carry, but not too big, and even select from the full range of colors.

Check out Defender Pepper Guns today for the best selection and best prices.

– by E Harris