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Everyone Can and Should Carry Pepper Spray

Cops carry it.  Mom’s and daughters carry it.  Even Dog The Bounty Hunter and Leland carry it.  Why?  Because it works.  Flat out.  Pepper Spray works.

Defender Pepper Spray

Its easy to use.  Its easy to carry.  Its affordable.  And, with a little bit of thought and practice, you’ll find that pepper spray is one of the easiest self defense weapons you can keep on hand, ready when you need it and able to be used in an instant for immediate protection.

Just try it.  You don’t have to spray it on yourself to try it.  Buy a couple of sprayers.  Set up a cardboard box outside.  Spray one of your sprayers a few times to get the feel for it.  Know the stuff is amazingly hot and uncomfortable when sprayed anywhere near someone’s face.  Keep the second unit on you for whenever you may need it.  Very simple.

We personally recommend one small pepper spray for the body/purse, one for the car and one pepper spray for the home, in a much larger size.  By setting yourself up with this, you’ll find you have protection whenever you may need it.  You can see the full line of non lethal self defense pepper guns and sprays at

-by Nate


Pepper Spray

Regardless of whether you want to check out MACE Defense Spray at or Sabre Pepper Spray at or at you’ll find all quality products.  But, if you’d rather check one site that has all these items and more, check out

Only the best self defense weapons are carried, and, more importantly, tried, tested and carried by the staff of this store.  You’ll know anything they have is quality and really works.

For instance, if you read their page about stun guns, they acknowledge that they have relationships with many more stun gun companies.  However, they only carry 3 brands.  Why?  Because they only carry the 3 brands that they feel are capable of protecting you and your loved ones.  Contrary to other websites, they aren’t selling all the crap that they can get their hands on merely to make  a buck.  Rather, they’re selling only the best quality self defense products available.

Check’em out!

– by E Harris

Kimber Pepper Blaster Sales Skyrocket

Sales of the wildly popular Kimber Pepper Blaster continue to skyrocket all through the summer.  Normally, this time of year we see a slowdown of sales of self defense weapons.  But, this year, the Pepper Blaster is continuing to outpace all other years, in terms of sales.

Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 GreyWe know the manufacturer has increased marketing somewhat, but nowhere near enough to generate the level of interest we’re seeing at  We just hope the manufacturer is not only able to keep up with current demand, but also fill in inventory levels so that the Christmas Season is able to handle a high volume of sales, too.  Typically, we see a dramatic increase in sales of these in November and December as people love to give them as Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers.

High quality pepper spray infused into a pyrotechnically charged handgun shaped device…..that, in a nutshell, is what the Pepper Blaster is.  That, and of course, a great means of protection!

-by Nate


MACE Pepper Gun with Strobe or Without

The MACE Pepper Gun has been around for a while and many people have come to rely on it heavily for their self defense and for that of their loved ones.  And, its now available with or without a strobe.

Many prefer pepper spray to other self defense weapons, like stun guns and such, because it allows for a distance between you and an attacker.  Stun guns require, like knives do, that you physically are within arm’s reach of your attacker.   But pepper spray shoots out.  And, the MACE Pepper Gun actually shoots to just over 20 feet, and that’s quite a nice distance.

Here’s a video commercial on one being used:


So, of course, this is a dramatization, but its pretty easy to see why so many people put their trust in a brand they know and in a product like this one. has all Mace products for sale at the best prices, and availability.

– by Nate


JPX Jet Protector Available

The JPX Jet Protector Pepper Guns are back in stock in the United States.  However, we just received notice that they will be here next week, with orders shipping immediately.  Place your orders now at

With the availability issues we’ve had on these amazing pepper guns, we don’t know how long before they’ll be out of stock again.  Law Enforcement Agencies all across the country are ordering these like mad.  They’re now available to the civilian market through

– by Nate

Defender Pepper Guns carries ONLY Trusted Self Defense Weapons

As retailers, we’ve been selling self defense weapons for a number of years now.  We sell online through a couple of websites and we sell in a brick and mortar store.  We know there are a lot of self defense weapons available today.  We also know which ones can be trusted and which ones are mere novelties, and we do our best to convey the truth to our customers, both current and potential.

Here’s the thing, you can search for stun guns on the internet.  You’ll come up with thousands if not millions of hits.  But, stun guns are also known by some to be ridiculous toys that won’t do anything to anyone.  So, the question then becomes:  How can so many places be selling stun guns if none of them work?  Well, the truth is, some work and some don’t .  And, since some stun guns ARE reliable and effective, some people ARE getting good quality stun guns, are happy with their purchases and tell their friends to get one.  Then, there are some people who buy stun guns, get them and find out they bought nothing more than a toy spark gun.  They tell their friends stun guns don’t work.

So, what do you do.  Bottom line, you buy your self defense weapons from a retailer who A) offers a no questions asked return policy;  B) answers their phone when you call with questions so that you can tell they’re a legitimate business selling legitimate products;  and, C) acknowledges that some products are good quality products that are worth carrying and some are not.

At, we strive to do all these things and more.  Not only do we do the above three mentioned points, we also publish blogs and information like this site to get the word out for customers.  We are active in the industry and truly want to be known as the “go-to” company for customers who want to make a good purchase and not have to worry about buying junk.

Find out why so many of our customers send their friends and family to us to help them with their self defense weapons purchase.  We carry only the stun guns, TASER guns, pepper guns and pepper spray products that we know work.

– by Nate