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Pepper Spray is Highly Effective

Okay, so we need a self defense weapon that works.  Works on everyone.  Stun guns work on some people.  Taser guns work on some people.  But, Pepper Spray works on everyone!  So, now we just need to identify which defense spray we’ll carry and be able to access when we need it so we can provide the protection we need.

When looking into pepper sprays, determine which formula you feel the most comfortable with.  There are sprays, fogs,  gels and foams.  Once you’ve determined this, determine which type of dispenser you’ll not only feel the most comfortable with, but more importantly, that you’ll actually CARRY with you where ever you go.  All too often, people buy weapons for protection, but leave them at home or in their car and don’t have them when they really need them.

Pepper Guns, Pepper Spray Canisters of all sizes, some with disable pins, Cans of Pepper Spray.  There are many types.   Do the research, buy it, keep it with you and know you’re protected.  You will find all types of these weapons on sale now at

– by E Harris


JPX Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun

In case you missed it, the best self defense weapon is back in stock in the United States and orders are shipping quickly.  That’s right, the best pepper gun, the JPX Jet Protector is back in stock.  And, the unit with the laser is available in Black or Orange or Green, your choice.

The JPX Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun is not a cheap toy nor is it just a little thing of pepper spray.  This weapon is so powerful, it been in use by European Law Enforcement personnel for years and is now gaining traction in the United States Law Enforcement communities.  In fact, the largest orders received are by the dozens for various police departments throughout the US.  What makes this pepper gun different is that it discharges the pepper formula, not by pressure, but by a pyrotechnic charge, similar to that of firing a bullet.  So, rather than dispensing a stream or spray of pepper, it “SHOOTS” the pepper spray at up to 400 mph and at a distance of over 20 feet.  This thing is amazing!

Find out for yourself by watching the demo videos at

– by E Harris


Pepper Spray

People want self defense weapons they can count on.  People want self defense weapons they can afford.  People want self defense weapons they can easily carry with them that aren’t too bulky.  Fact is, people want pepper spray.

Let’s take a quick look at the most common non lethal self defense weapons:

Stun Guns:  there are many makes and models out there and some, quite honestly, are junk.  So, people are concerned about being ableDefuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin at to get a stun gun they can count on.  And, depending on the size and shape, they’re not always easy to have on hand when you need them.  Although, this is certainly NOT always the case.

TASER Guns:  Starting price on them is $300.  So much for the “self defense weapons they can afford”, huh?  I mean, many people DO buy taser guns, but their price point puts them out of reach for much of the population.  And, its not always practical to go into a restaurant with a TASER M26C strapped to your waist.

Pepper Spray:   Self defense weapon people can count on?  Check.  Pepper Spray has been shown to be effective against almost every person, dog, bear, etc.  Self defense weapon they can afford?  Check.  Pepper Spray generally starts at about $10 and goes up to $40-50 for the largest cannisters;  Pepper Guns can be had for about $40 up to $300.  Self Defense Weapons they can easily carry?  Check.  With the myriad designs of pepper spray dispensers available, you can most surely find a design that is easy and practical to carry.

So, as stated, “people want pepper spray”.

– by E Harris

Pepper Spray at

I don’t think its any secret that has a main focus of selling pepper spray and pepper gun related products.  While we do have several other forms of highly effective and trust worthy self defense weapons, primarily you’ll find that our belief in pepper spray being one of the most effective forms of protection for most people, most of the time.

1 lb Police Pepper SprayAnd, isn’t that what you want?  You want to know that whatever you’re carrying has the greatest chance of saving your life or the life of your loved ones.  And, whether you carry a small key chain canister of pepper spray, keep a large 1 pound Jumbo Police Pepper Spray in your home or pack the amazing JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun from Piexon, you know you have a weapon that you can stand strong and face whatever challenges come your way.

I had a customer yesterday who was placing an order.  She has new neighbors who have 3 large dogs; a pit bull and 2 German Shepherds.  None of them are fenced, nor leashed.  As she comes and goes, she has to quickly get into and out of her car while traveling to or from her house.  She is extremely afraid.  After discussion, we determined her best choice would be to add a MACE Pepper Gun and holster to her purse so that she can quickly get it if needed to spray the dogs.  This gave her the greatest distance of protection and will provide her with several shots since there several dogs.

Not everyone needs a mace gun.  But, most people these days, regardless of whether they live in large cities, small towns or rural settings, can benefit from carrying some form of pepper spray or pepper gun.

– by E Harris


Basic Info on Pepper Spray

Most people are pretty familiar with the overall concept of pepper spray and generally think of the small canisters that people carry around on key chains.  You can find these everywhere.  You can find them at many big box stores and you can find them on many websites online.  However, there is much more selection than these small little canisters that most people think of.

First, there are many brands.  And, quite honestly, they’re all pretty much the same when it comes to how effective their formula is.1 lb Police Pepper Spray  They’re all hotter than hell and burn like crap.  They all pretty much cause the same intense level of choking, gasping for air, difficulty in breathing and excessive crying or tearing.  Its a miserable feeling and its so intense that, I’ve never seen anyone who, once sprayed with pepper spray could do anything else, other than focus on the pain.

So, with that being said, what else is there to consider?  Well, quite honestly, there are many, many different sizes and shapes of pepper sprays that you really should do online research before buying pepper spray.  I say this because if you just go to a big box store that sells it, you’re most likely ONLY going to find the small canisters.  But, online you’ll find the small key chain pepper sprays, slightly larger ones, even, then 2 ounce and 4 ounce cans. You’ll find 9 ounce and even 16 ounce cans.  You’ll find pistol grips.  You’ll find batons that can function as gouging into pressure points of an attacker if needed.  You’ll find so much more.  And, only by seeing what all is available will you be able to adequately determine which pepper spray to buy that will best protect you, your loved ones and your belongings.

Check out today and see the wide selection of styles available.

– by E Harris


Self Defense Weapons at Defender Pepper Guns

We’ve been working hard at Defender Pepper Guns to add products that are worthy of our customers.  And, while we’ll always scour the marketplace for new, high quality self defense weapons, right now, we’ve got everything we feel is of the best quality and greatest effectiveness.

Click on over to Defender and you’ll now find:

  • Kimber Pepper Blaster 2
  • MACE Pepper Gun
  • JPX Jet Protector from Piexon
  • MACE Defense Spray and Related Products
  • Wildfire Pepper Spray
  • TASER Guns
  • Barracuda Stun Guns

All of these products are products that we use ourselves, of course, not all at once or we’d look like our own walking militia.  But, you get the point.  Visit today and find out why so many people put their trust in Defender for all their self defense weapons needs.

– by E Harris