Everyone Can and Should Carry Pepper Spray

Cops carry it.  Mom’s and daughters carry it.  Even Dog The Bounty Hunter and Leland carry it.  Why?  Because it works.  Flat out.  Pepper Spray works.

Defender Pepper Spray

Its easy to use.  Its easy to carry.  Its affordable.  And, with a little bit of thought and practice, you’ll find that pepper spray is one of the easiest self defense weapons you can keep on hand, ready when you need it and able to be used in an instant for immediate protection.

Just try it.  You don’t have to spray it on yourself to try it.  Buy a couple of sprayers.  Set up a cardboard box outside.  Spray one of your sprayers a few times to get the feel for it.  Know the stuff is amazingly hot and uncomfortable when sprayed anywhere near someone’s face.  Keep the second unit on you for whenever you may need it.  Very simple.

We personally recommend one small pepper spray for the body/purse, one for the car and one pepper spray for the home, in a much larger size.  By setting yourself up with this, you’ll find you have protection whenever you may need it.  You can see the full line of non lethal self defense pepper guns and sprays at Smartstun.com

-by Nate