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Self Defense Weapons at Defender Pepper Guns

We’ve been working hard at Defender Pepper Guns to add products that are worthy of our customers.  And, while we’ll always scour the marketplace for new, high quality self defense weapons, right now, we’ve got everything we feel is of the best quality and greatest effectiveness.

Click on over to Defender and you’ll now find:

  • Kimber Pepper Blaster 2
  • MACE Pepper Gun
  • JPX Jet Protector from Piexon
  • MACE Defense Spray and Related Products
  • Wildfire Pepper Spray
  • TASER Guns
  • Barracuda Stun Guns

All of these products are products that we use ourselves, of course, not all at once or we’d look like our own walking militia.  But, you get the point.  Visit today and find out why so many people put their trust in Defender for all their self defense weapons needs.

– by E Harris

Barracuda Stun Guns now at Defender Pepper Guns

That’s right.  We’ve added Barracuda Stun Guns to our line up of self defense weapons available through

Barracuda Stun Gun

We know all about self defense weapons.  And, we know all about stun guns since we’ve been selling them at our other site for years.  However, there’s truly only 1 brand of Stun Guns that can be called:  “the Best”.  And, that is Barracuda.

First and foremost, they generate the highest amperage of any stun gun available on the market.  Amperage is what stops an attacker, not voltage, which so many resellers push.  And, the battery system inside the BC37, as well as the BC10, which requires, not 1, but 2 – 9v batteries, is twice the strength of most other stun guns on the market.   Finally, Quality Construction will allow you to put your trust and faith in your Barracuda Stun Gun for years to come.

Find out why so many others have come to know and trust Barracuda.

– by E Harris

Pepper Guns Spreading like Wildfire in Texas and Louisiana!

Texas Group is selling the JPX Jet Protector to law enforcement communities in Texas, Louisiana and surrounding areas.  Sales are so strong, this group doesn’t even have to go very far to sell out the stock.

“Squirt Gun from Hell”, a “Hot Loogie”.  So many words and phrases are being used to describe the Jet Protector and all are appropriate.  Learn why law enforcement officers are putting their trust in this new technology at Defender Pepper Guns.

New TASER Guns Coming Soon

That’s right…..TASER will be releasing 2 new models within the next few weeks.

The first is the TASER X2C which is replacing the TASER X3, Home Defender.  Initial feedback on the X3 was that it was just too fat for most people to use comfortably.  And, most of those people, when offered the choice, preferred the size of the X2, which had only been available to law enforcement.  Now, they’re releasing a civilian model for sale.

The other release is the first “non-shooting-style” weapon from TASER.  The Taser Flashlight stun gun will also be released, sometime by mid-June.  We don’t have the specs on it yet.  But, we do know directly from TASER that its coming.

Stay tuned right here for more info once its available.

– By E Harris

JPX Sold Out Until Aug 2013

That’s right.  Both the JPX Jet Protector with laser and the one without laser are both sold out in the United States until mid to late August, 2013.  The U.S. distributor has just announced to us that their next shipment will not arrive in the U.S. until some time in August, probably 3rd or 4 th week.

The JPX Jet Protector from Piexon has outsold its forecasted sales for the first half of the year.  These ultra high powered pepper guns are so amazing that when people buy them and show them to friends and family, those people then place orders.  There is truly no better self defense weapon.

Just as soon as they’re back in stock, we’ll alert you.  Stay tuned…


-By E Harris


Get Your TASER Gun at Defender Pepper Guns

That’s right, we’ve added the complete line up of TASER Guns to our inventory, as we believe in them just as much as we believe in High Quality Pepper Guns.

That’s right.  You can now purchase a TASER C2, M26C or X26C and all their accessories at Defender Pepper Guns.  And, TASER is to be launching the X2C, the 2 shot TASER Gun sometime in June, as well as their very first flashlight stun gun.  And, just as soon as they’re released, we’ll have them available and ready to ship.

You know the brand, TASER.  You trust it.  And, now, Defender has them for you.