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Self Defense Weapons: A Pepper Spray Gun

One weapon that sales are really taking off for is the Pepper Spray Gun,  or Pepper Gun.  Once you check them out, I think you’ll see why they are really gaining in popularity.

MACE Pepper Spray GunThe pepper spray gun is really nice because it is able to shoot a distance.  Different from a direct contact stun gun that requires the user to actually be close enough to an attacker that they can touch them, the pepper gun shoots at distances from 10 feet to 25 feet, depending on the brand and model.

The Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 is the least expensive, but no less effective.  Firing at speeds of over 100mph, this little gun can really provide an effective means of self defense.

The MACE pepper gun, brought to you by a name you know and trust, shoots at distances up to 25 feet.  This gun is also very affordable at around $80.  It also allows for replaceable cartridges so you can refill your pepper gun very affordably.

And, the top of the line JPX Jet Protector from Piexon is nothing short of amazing.  A little more expensive, starting at around $250, this gun is so strong that European Law Enforcement has been carrying them for close to a decade and is pretty much standard issue over there.  US Law Enforcement agencies are catching on, as sales to this group has been skyrocketing just over the past few months.  These pepper guns shoot pepper spray at a distance of over 20 feet and at speed of just over 400 mph!  And, they’re amazingly accurate.

Check these wonderful self defense weapons out today.  Better than a direct contact stun gun because they provide a distance of protection.  And, much less expensive than a Taser Gun and they don’t require any background check.

-By E Harris

JPX Jet Protector Prices

Just a head’s up:  there’s going to be a price increase coming, most likely May 1, on the JPX Jet Protector frames.  This is not coming from us, but rather the US Distributor.  The date is not firm, but whether it happens May 1 or sometime shortly thereafter, you can pretty much count on it coming.

We’re expecting the price to increase $20-$50 per unit, although, again, nothing has been firmly communicated to us yet.  Some stores have already implemented a price increase, but for now, ours remains at the previous price levels.

We’ll let you know when price increases HAVE been implemented across the board.

UPDATE:  This just in from the manufacturer, they ARE implementing a price increase to $319.95 effective May 1 for the JPX Jet Protector with Laser.

– By E Harris


Pepper Guns are the Self Defense Weapon for the Masses

They want to take our guns.  You want a weapon that gives you some distance between you and an attacker, unlike what a stun gun provides.  The small little pepper spray canisters just aren’t very intimidating.  What are you to do?

Find out why we believe Pepper Guns are the self defense weapons of choice going forward.  There are a few brands and models available now.  All shoot a respectable distance of well over 10 feet and one model goes to 25 feet!  One even shoots at speeds of over 400 mph!  These weapons are just that, weapons for your protection.

Pepper Guns are quickly becoming the weapon of choice among the population.  A permit or license is not required anywhere in thejpx jet protector US.  Only a couple of states restrict them.  They can be carried concealed or exposed.  They are highly effective and prices generally start around just $40 for the Kimber Pepper Blaster.  The MACE pepper Gun shoots a distance of 25 feet.  And, the JPX Jet Protector is so powerful that now, in addition to the European law enforcement agencies that have been carrying these for over a decade, US law enforcement are beginning to carry them as well.  And, because of this serious uptick in demand, the supply of these awesome weapons is beginning to get scarce.

Check out the various pepper guns available and we think you’ll agree with us that these weapons are the wave of the future!

– By E Harris


New Pepper Spray Products from Sabre

So, just letting everyone know that we got word last week from one of our suppliers that they’ll be getting in several new Sabre Pepper Spray products.  I don’t yet know what they are, but as soon as we get the info, the products will be put up on both of our websites.  And, in the days following, we’ll be doing a few blog posts about those new pepper sprays from Sabre.

Stay tuned in for more info……

– By E Harris

Buy Wildfire Pepper Spray Online

Wildfire Pepper Spray is well known to be one of the hottest pepper spray formulas available anywhere.  When someone gets sprayed withBuy Wildfire Pepper Spray Online this stuff, all they can do for about 45 minutes is cry, hack, cough, have trouble breathing and generally, lose their ability to concentrate. The stuff is nasty!

Its available in small to large sizes and its available in your traditional sprays, but also foggers and gels.  I find the gel to be the best product and here’s why:  when someone gets sprayed, their initial reaction is to wipe.  But, when you do this with pepper gel, all that is  accomplished is a smearing and spreading of the heat and pain.  Its miserable to have this stuff on you!

Check out Wildfire pepper sprays online today and buy whichever product you feel best suits your needs!

– By E Harris


Please Take Care of Mother Earth

Today we depart from our normal weapons discussion so that I may pass along my own personal view.  If you don’t like it, too bad.

Mother Earth is a living being just as you and I are.  We are killing her.  The song and video below are not just a music video to make someone money.  This is a real message.  Please watch, listen and consciously decide to do at least one thing everyday to stop the damage you as an individual are doing and help to reverse the damage.


– By E Harris