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Pepper Ball Gun?

I don’t know how many people are aware of these, but we, at Defender Pepper Guns, could use some input, if you have any.  There is a product known as a Pepper Ball Gun.

Pepper Ball GunWhile I know these Pepper Ball Guns are really awesome and are carried by law enforcement personnel around the country, what I don’t know is this:  How many consumers would be interested in purchasing these guns?  The reason we’re somewhat hesitant is that they require quite a few accessories and such that I’m just not sure how many people really want them.  To us, they don’t seem as convenient as, say, a JPX Jet Protector, which is basically an all in one type unit with replaceable cartridges.

But, a Pepper Ball Gun requires the user to have not only a battery and/or charger, but also CO2 tanks, fillers, adapters, O-Rings, and such, in addition to loose pepper balls that have to be loaded into the gun.  However, and this is a BIG however, these things are amazing.  They’re incredibly powerful and incredibly accurate to a distance of over 50 feet.  And, there are even multi shot units, too.  So, they definitely have their advantages.

Now’s your chance to weigh in on whether we should consider carrying them on our website for sale or taking a pass on them…..

– By E Harris


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– By E Harris


Pepper Guns are Not Your Simple Pepper Spray

Since Pepper Guns are relatively new to the market, there’s a particular message I wanted to pass along to people.  Pepper Guns are real weapons.  While that may sound like a simple message, there’s really more to it than that.

I took a call from someone yesterday who wanted to order a JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun.  And, he had some good questions.  But, at JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gunthe end he also asked about where he could carry it.  He had a concealed carry permit for his state for handguns and realized that this weapon could be considered by law enforcement to be a real weapon, too.  Finally, a customer who really understood the significance of this high caliber pepper guns.

He asked if he could be within so many feet of a public school.  He asked if he could be near alcohol establishments and so on.  He truly wanted to know what the legal ramifications were for carrying this weapon.  I was very happy to help him.  And, while there are no laws governing, at least in most states, where or how these weapons can be carried, I did pass along to him that he needed to honor what I call “sensibility laws”.  This mean simply to be sensible and to not endanger the safety of those who mean him no harm.

Pepper Guns are not simple pepper spray dispensers.  Don’t get me wrong, pepper spray is a wonderful self defense weapon, too.  But, Pepper Guns should be considered a weapon that needs to be given some special thought to how it will be stored and carried so kids don’t end up hurting one another with them or something like that.

– By E Harris


DeFuser Pepper Spray at

Its been a little while now since we talked about one of the best new self defense products to come out in a long time:  the DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin.  This unique design combines the best features to provide very safe and effective protection.

Defuser Pepper Spray with Disable Pin at DefenderPepperguns.comThe DeFuser Pepper Spray with Disable pin is just that; it combines literally the hottest pepper spray formula available with a very safe to use dispenser -and- it adds the safety of a disable pin.  When properly used, the disable pin strap goes around the users wrist.  And, if an attacker takes the pepper spray from the user’s hand, then the pin dislodges leaving the pepper spray useless; it cannot be sprayed.  This wonderful feature has been available on stun guns for quite some time, but the DeFuser is the first to put it onto a pepper spray.

You can find the DeFuser Pepper Spray at and its available in either black or pink.  Note: if its going to be carried in a purse most often, the pink shows up in a dark purse better than the black.

– By E Harris


Shooting the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun

Okay, we know theJPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun is literally the best pepper gun available; so much so that European Law Enforcement Agencies have been carrying them for years.  We know they’re effective and reliable.  But, we still get one recurring question, “What if the subject is wearing glasses and I cannot shoot into their eyes?”

At the root of this question is not a misunderstanding of the pepper gun, but rather a misunderstanding of pepper spray in general, that is used by all pepper guns, including the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun.  You see, why it would be nice to be able to shoot the pepper spray directly into the eyes or straight up the nostrils to the mucous membranes, its not necessary.  Keep in mind that pepper spray is nasty, nasty stuff.  Its bloody hot.  Put it directly onto your skin and I assure you, within seconds you’ll wish you hadn’t.  But, more importantly, its somewhat gaseous and noxious.

And, its because of this, that pepper spray is so effective.  Put a bunch of the stuff on your chest and the vapors WILL go into your nostrils and into your eyes.  And, its this fact that makes pepper spray so effective.  Now, granted, there are various formula and concentrations of pepper spray available.  But, I assure you they are all very effective, some just more so and quicker than others.  And, the formula that is used by the JPX Jet Protector is some of the hottest.  Get it anywhere near your subject and they’ll get it into their nostrils and eyes.  They WILL FEEL IT.

– By E Harris


Researching a Pepper Gun

Oftentimes, when researching for a self defense weapon, it helps to use the internet.  And, when researching for a pepper gun, I find it no different.

Mace Pepper GunUsing the internet to find which Pepper Gun is best for you is probably the most sensible approach.  You can quickly and easily find several websites that offer various brands and models of these weapons.  Then, by opening several windows, you can easily compare their features side by side.  You can see how far they shoot.  You can see whether they are reusable or disposable.  You can see if they offer lasers.  And, you can see what other accessories they offer to make your ability to carry them as simple as possible.

This last point is crucial.  All too often, people buy these weapons or other forms of self defense weaponry but they don’t give thought to how they’ll carry them or get to them when they are attacked.  And, all too often, they are victims while there weapon sits inside their purse on their arm – or- in their glovebox in their car.

Taking a few minutes to really give thought to and researching what features are important will give you the best chance of survival out there.

– By E Harris