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Defender Pepper Guns

I know we mentioned this the other day, but I got so many inquiries, I felt the need to write a bit more about our new site that is devoted to carrying only pepper guns and pepper sprays.

That’s right, is our newest website and it carries self defense weapons like the JPX Jet Protector fromDefender pepper Guns Piexon, as well as others.  But, the JPX Pepper Gun is the best of the best.  It is our premier model.  Why?  Because it is by far the easiest and most effective unit we carry.  This model has all the accessories and options available that you’d want from any weapon.  It has lasers, holsters, various pepper spray cartridges, replaceable cartridges, even a training cartridge so the user can get proficient with its use.  Most most amazingly, the JPX fires at speeds up to 270 mph.  Think about that….how fast have you ever gone in a car?  Well, this is at least twice as fast as that!  Wind doesn’t generally affect it as it is so powerful.

But, yes, at the new website,, you’ll also find models from MACE and Kimber.  The MACE pepper Pistol and the Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 are both highly effective, especially considering their price.  The Kimber model can be picked up for just under $50 and the MACE Gun can be had for around $75.  They both have their unique features and benefits, but suffice it to say they both off protection against would be attackers.  If a police officer is not next to you, you’ll feel safe knowing you have one of these best pepper guns with you.


Carrying a Kimber Pepper Blaster

Once you’ve chosen a self defense weapon, one of the main things you need to decide is how you will keep it handy so you have it exactly when you need it.  All too often, I hear of stories where people are attacked and “couldn’t get their weapon quickly enough” or worse, didn’t know where there weapon was”.  What’s the use in having a weapon, if you’re not going to have it ready when you need it?

Kimber Pepper Blaster Carry PouchSo, today, I wanted to point out two items useful in carrying a Kimber Pepper Blaster.  The first is a general purpose carry pouch.  Its high grade Cordura material, so it’ll last nicely for years.  And, it has a belt clip which you can obviously clip on your belt, but you can also clip it onto your car’s visor, a purse strap or any other convenient place where you may want and need your Pepper Gun.

The second item is the Kimber Pepper Blaster Wrist Holder.  This unit is very convenient for joggers,Kimber Pepper Blaster Wrist Holder walkers, hikers, bikers and generally anyone on the go.  It fastens comfortably around your wrist or upper arm by way of velcro strap.  Its very comfortable and lightweight and makes for keeping your pepper gun in a very handy location.

So, when you’re shopping for your self defense weapon, please consider where and how you’ll carry it so its accessible.  And, don’t scrimp on a few pennies to save by not purchasing an accessory like these.  Most people think, “oh, I’ll come back and buy one later”.  But, they never do.  And, they’re the ones who end up making comments like we opened this blog with and regrettably, are attacked by someone while their weapon stands nearby…..but not “nearby enough!”


MACE Pepper Gun Video


The MACE Pepper Gun Pistol is made by a name you know and trust:  MACE.  Their self defense products have been around for decades helping to protect you and your loved ones in stressful times.  And, as only great companies with great products can do, they’ve stayed around and expanded over the years.  No longer do they just make a few small pepper spray canisters for sale.  But, rather, they have a complete line of MACE Spray for people and animals, as well as an entire Security Products Division.

The MACE Pepper Gun is one of the best pepper guns because of the distance it can fire.  With the ability of shooting UP TO 25 FEET, you can stay a safe distance from any possible “bad guy” and hit them with the MACE Spray.  These guns can shoot up to 7 – one second blasts that distance.  Or, more likely, if you’re in a stressful situation, you’re going to want to unload the entire cartridge, which will give you the ability to shoot the stream and cover the subject.

And, what’s really nice is that the MACE cartridges are replaceable.  This means that if you do happen to use your pepper gun in a face to face encounter, you’ll be able to spend just a few bucks more to reload it and be armed and ready.  Further, MACE makes a test cartridge, which is filled with nothing other than water.  So, you can test fire and practice all that you want to get comfortable with your new weapon.  MACE knows you want and need the ability to practice, so all gun packages include not only the MACE Pepper Gun, but also one live cartridge and one practice/training cartridge.  Additional cartridges can be purchased separately.  Further, even holsters are available so that you can carry your gun with you and be ready.  (SCROLL DOWN TO ORDER PRODUCTS OR TO VIEW MORE AT

What is it they say?  A picture is worth a thousand words?  Well, how about a video?  Watch this video on the MACE Pepper Gun and I think you’ll be able to see why we at DEFENDERPEPPERGUNS.COM believe in pepper guns so much.  They are an incredibly effective means of self defense with very little worry about being able to use it on an attacker.  Check’em out for your self defense….


MACE has also just released a model that integrates a flashing strobe light with the gun.  You may not realize, but in very dark situations, a flashing strobe can disorient an attacker, giving you one more level of self defense protection.

MACE Pepper Guns are on Sale currently.  Click on an image below to order.


MACE Pepper Gun

On SALE NOW – $69.95



mace pepper gun with strobe

On SALE NOW – $74.95


So, there you go.  The MACE Pepper Gun available with a Flashlight or a Strobe Flashlight will come with a live cartridge and a practice cartridge.  It can shoot up to 25 feet for 7 one second blasts.  And, it has replaceable cartridges and a holster available.  To see all the MACE Pepper Gun related items, CLICK HERE.


We began selling self defense weapons in our brick and mortar store as well as online on our other website several years ago.  We learned first hand what types of weapons and protection people were wanting and, more importantly, which ones worked!  We removed the cheap items that were novelties at best and began focusing on real protection for our customers.  We never wanted to hear from a customer that they had trusted us by buying one of our products and needed it in a real life situation, but it didn’t work.

When Pepper Guns first came out, we were somewhat skeptical as we’ve learned to be with any new products coming to market.  However, after testing them in various situations, we have found a few that we like and trust and can recommend to our customers.  The MACE Pepper Gun is certainly one of those pepper guns.  Very easy to carry.  Very easy to use.  Very affordable.  Highly effective.  I think that pretty much sums it up!

To see ALL the weapons Defender Pepper Guns carries, CLICK HERE



Pepper Gun Website

So, we have had up and going for several years.  Its focus has always Pepper Gun been a wide array of high quality self defense weapons.  But, as I move further and further into the field, I find that I’m really getting into the Pepper Gun market.  I like them a lot as I truly believe in their effectiveness as a weapon which is effective and sensible for most people.

In response to this realization, we have decided to launch a new website.  We haven’t decide on a name and a domain yet, but I don’t think we’re far away from it.  The new website will focus solely on The Best Pepper Guns and Pepper Spray, including animal repellent.  I definitely know we will carry the JPX Jet Protector, the Kimber Pepper Blaster and the MACE Pepper Gun.  But, I’m also trying to find out if there are any other guns that are worth carrying.  So far, I’ve not found any that are still in production.

If you know of any, either good or bad (so we know what to stay away from), please let us know.  We truly want to build our new website into something the same caliber of


6 Year Old Sprayed with Mace

maced with pepper sprayI don’t know if you saw the headlines this morning, but one of them was of a piece of trash in New York State who went into a laundromat, started pounding on some guy (I’m sure there was some reason, but still), then pulled out some MACE and began spraying not only the guy he was pounding but also who appeared to be his little girl.

Turns out the little girl was a 6 year old and yeah, he sprayed the crap out of her with MACE.  While I don’t advocate any type of brutality, in this case, I certainly believe “an eye for an eye” is appropriate.  And, who knows, maybe it was MACE or some other brand of pepper spray, but regardless, it was a horrible thing.

Fortunately, it was all caught on the laundromat surveillance cameras and the video was circulated widely.  Apparently, the guy felt the heat and turned himself in within a few hours.  But, in watching the video, his actions were so apparent and aggravated, I would suggest no leniency.


Buy Pepper Spray Online

These days, you can pretty much buy just about anything online.  And, buying pepper spray online is also an option.  This is pretty cool, beyond what most people realize, and here’s why.

buy pepper spray onlineMost retailers of traditional brick and mortar stores partner with one or two brands of pepper spray and carry their products only.  Not a bad way to go really, since many manufacturers make generally similar products.  However, upon occasion, there are a couple of unique products that you would miss if you didn’t happen to go to “that particular” store who carried that particular brand.  So, while being able to shop and buy pepper spray online, you have the freedom to roam and learn about all the different types of products available.

For instance, while surfing one site, say, you might find some Wildfire Pepper Gel.  This is not a product that is your traditional spray or stream, but rather a thick goo that gets ejected onto your target.  And, since the target’s normal reaction is to “wipe away the pain”, in the case of the gel, they’re just going to smear it, making it worse.

Or, as you surf around, you might find you’re really drawn to pepper guns or even a spray that has a removable safety disable pin for your protection.  All these products come from different manufacturers and by being able to quickly and easily surf from site to site, you’ll have the opportunity to find the product that is right for you.