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Small Business Owners to Arm Themselves

Let’s face it, times are tough.  Crime is getting way out of hand in many areas of the country as unemployment and underemployment continues on at high rates….much higher than the government reports.  Increasingly, I read headlines of local businesses getting held up at gunpoint.

While many of these local businesses don’t want a firearm behind the register forpepper guns whatever personal reason they have, most want some form of weapon or protection.  One such self defense weapon to consider is a pepper gun.  I’m not talking about a small canister of pepper spray that someone keeps on their key ring.  I’m talking about a weapon that looks similar to a hand gun so that anyone looking down the barrel of it will be instantly concerned for their well being.

Pepper guns have come into the mainstream lately as the technology behind them has developed to the point where they are serious weapons.  There are models from Kimber and MACE.  However, one I like best is the Piexon JPX Jet Protector.  Do a little surfing around on the subject of pepper guns and you’re sure to find one you like.


JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun


Not many people know about the JPX Jet Protector pepper guns, yet.  But, their sales are exploding quickly throughout the U.S.  And, with all the trouble and turmoil in Europe right now, along with this explosive demand in the U.S., supplies are already beginning to tighten up.

But, here’s what you need to know:

  1. These guns are not toys.  They’ve been carried by European Law Enforcement for over a decade.
  2. These guns can shoot up to 405 mph!
  3. These guns can shoot just over 20 feet.
  4. These guns use cartridges that have two shots each.
  5. These guns have replaceable cartridges.
  6. These guns are now available in money saving packages.

So, that’s the quick and simple bullet list on these pepper guns, but now, here’s a little more info:

These units were originally brought to the U.S. market and marketed under the Kimber Brand.  This is why you may still see some jpx jet protectormarketing or branding as the Kimber Jet Protector.  But, they are not made by Kimber, nor are they distributed in the U.S. by Kimber any longer.  These weapons are designed and manufactured by Piexon, a Switzerland based company.  The U.S. wholesale supplier is based in Arizona and we purchase from them.  All the JPX Jet Protector pepper guns and accessories that we sell on our site are Factory Firsts and are never refurbs or anything else.

Piexon originally designed these guns for use by law enforcement and officers throughout Europe have carried them for over a decade.  Now, these units are used worldwide by law enforcement agencies and are available to civilians throughout the U.S.  Although, there are a few states, like New York, for instance that prohibit these being owned by civilians.  These pepper guns, though, are not your average pepper spray dispenser.  They use a pyrotechnic charge to fire the blast of pepper out of the cylinder and out to your target.    Here’s  a video that shows more specifically what’s happening (note: the video is an older video that was produced back when Kimber marketed these guns, so disregard the reference to firing velocity.  The current models shoot at 405 mph)


Now, who are we, you may be wanting to know and why should you order from us.  This site, RhinoPepperGuns is a blog site that we run to distribute information on Pepper Spray and Pepper Gun related products to our customers and the general public.  “We” are the owners and operators of, our second website.

We originally launched which sold all types of self defense weapons including stun guns, TASER guns, Pepper Sprays and such.  And, we have a traditional brick and mortar store.  When we first launched, we had pretty much the same products that most other websites that sold self defense weapons.  However, it quickly become apparent, that much of the stuff available was cheap stuff, novelties at best, and not necessarily anything we would want to back our life up, much less all the lives of our customers.  So, we quickly learned which weapons worked and which ones didn’t.  We removed all the cheap crap and focused SmartStun on the better, more reliable weapons.

Then, Pepper Guns began getting some acclaim.  So, we checked them out.  When we realized that the future of self defense weapons will most likely be dependent upon being able to protect yourself from a safe distance (not offered by a stun gun), we came to believe that pepper guns and TASER guns will most likely be the dominant choice for self defense weaponry moving forward.  And, since SmartStun is one of the nation’s top sellers of TASER Branded products, we chose to launch Defender Pepper Guns to focus on the burgeoning Pepper Gun market.

Now, with all that being said, we carry more than just the JPX Jet Protector on our website.  We carry the Kimber Pepper Blaster as an entry level model of Pepper Gun.  And, we carry the MACE Pepper Gun as a mid level model of Pepper Gun.  But, we most certainly hold the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun as the premier Pepper Gun available throughout the world and is most certainly one of the most promising self defense weapons to come along in a long time.

One final note:  Due to the increasing demand and PIEXON’s struggle to keep up with it, we are already beginning to see signs that these units are going to get increasingly difficult to get .  Our advice, for the best selection of guns and accessories, you will want order soon.  For instance, the JPX Jet Protector with LASER is now only available in Black to the US Civilian market.  The Orange models are being bought up the U.S. Law Enforcement.  And, due to demand, Piexon is devoting their cartridge making to live cartridges, making practice cartridges currently on back order for several weeks.

So, again, for best choice and supply, as well as quickest order fulfillment, you want to order as soon as possible.  Click the button to view our website:

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